Stories by Rebecca Sykes

  • LCD monitor shipments jump in third quarter 99

    Worldwide liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor shipments jumped 14 per cent sequentially and 224 per cent year-over-year in the third quarter of 1999, and the good news for consumers is that prices of the space-saving displays are dropping, according to a study by US-based market researcher DisplaySearch.

  • Ballmer tells workers Microsoft will settle

    An internal message to Microsoft employees sent on Monday from Microsoft president and CEO Steve Ballmer maintains that the company has made "substantial proposals" to settle the federal antitrust case against it, according to the email as it appeared on the Wall Street Journal's website late yesterday.

  • Nortel debuts B2B unit, Andersen alliance

    Nortel Networks yesterday announced the establishment of a new business-to-business services unit and an alliance with Andersen Consulting to help develop and sell some of the fruits of that new unit.

  • IBM on road to molecular-level digital storage

    IBM technology named after an insect has the potential to deliver ultra-high density storage capacity to storage devices the size of a fingertip, according to scientists at IBM's Zurich research laboratory.

  • Corel checks Linux security

    Corel last week confirmed it is battling a security hole in Corel Linux. `There is, yes, a security hole,' said Judith O'Brien, a spokesperson for Corel Linux.

  • IBM seeks ISV partners

    IBM last week said its future e-business software offerings will be developed in partnership with (independent software vendors) ISVs rather than by IBM flying solo.

  • Cisco buys Fibex Systems, Sentient Networks

    Cisco Systems announced last week it has signed definitive agreements to acquire two US-based networking vendors for approximately $US445 million. Cisco will buy Fibex Systems, a maker of IADLC (Integrated Access Digital Loop Carrier) devices, which combine traditional voice services with data services using ATM as the underlying architecture.

  • New Unix OS on track for IA-64

    Some mist lifted from the inchoate operating system known as Monterey last week, as collaborators IBM, Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) and Sequent Computer Systems reported successful initial tests, the launch of a developer program, software vendor support and an accelerated roadmap for the forthcoming shrink-wrapped Unix OS. Announced last October, Project Monterey is an alliance between the companies to produce new Unix operating systems based on SCO's UnixWare and Sequent's DYNIX/ptx OS for the low end, and on IBM's AIX OS for the high end. The OS will run across Intel's IA-32 and IA-64 architecture.

  • CA buys Platinum in $US3.5 billion deal

    Computer Associates International yesterday announced a bid to buy software maker and consulting services company Platinum Technology International in a cash tender offer worth approximately $US3.5 billion.