Stories by Smokey Possumtree

  • Veritas breeds ‘em tough

    There must be something in the water over at storage vendor Veritas Software. That's the only reason Tabloid can come up with to explain why yet another Veritas staff member intends to put himself in harm's way . . . or is that hurt's way?

  • The dog ate my hard drive!

    Thanks to a survey commissioned by printer manufacturer Lexmark, Tabloid can unequivocally reveal that children in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Sweden are weird compared to Australian kids of the same age.

  • Sun rises over Musica Viva

    Sun Microsystems demonstrated both patronage of the arts and a clean pair of heels as it tangoed the night away at Musica Viva's recent "Be tempted to tango" black-tie gala.

  • "Hold on, I'm coming" . . . Not

    And this from our strange but true files. According to research conducted by Lucent enterprise spinoff Avaya, poorly chosen "hold music", or worse still none at all, can cause over half of all callers to hang up on calls to a customer contact centre.

  • Networkers get nasty

    Cisco's recent Networkers conference in Brisbane turned into a pitched battle to grab channel mind-share when rival vendor Enterasys circled the conference centre with billboard trucks.

  • Chachka giveaway

    It's high time Tabloid gave away something of little to no value. But like the tight-orifices we are, we don't give away something for nothing. So we're throwing down the challenge. We want to hear of the most extravagant, pointless, useless, most valuable or down right bizarre chachka you've ever been given.

  • The Colstons have been reeled in

    The torrid flow of lavish lunches and frequent flying has receded to a trickle for many IT professionals as tough times result in a tightening of the corporate belt.

  • Fenech fisticuffs at Anixter bash

    Allegations of thuggery have marred an otherwise peaceful corporate event in Sydney last week when former world boxing champ Jeff Fenech was assaulted under a marquee.