Stories by Richard Noone and Brett Winterford

  • Fast Eddie rocks AMD's channel

    Grey marketing, rebate scams, warranty woes -- it's all par for the course in the often clandestine underbelly of the CPU and components market. With AMD's channel attempting to stamp out all three, ARN spoke to the mystery man known in the trade as "Fast Eddie", a trader AMD is desperate to stop.

  • NEWS ANALYSIS: Soft dollars

    Less-scrupulous channel players that are using rebates and co-op marketing funds to subsidise their pricing structure have been accused of creating a false economy and giving vendors added reason to keep their purse strings drawn.

  • IBM's Informix swoop puzzles database resellers

    Big Blue's acquisition of Informix's database business for around US$1 billion has left some Informix developers in limbo, contemplating the future database platform their applications are to be based on. Meanwhile, as could be expected, Oracle has taken the opportunity to fire a few salvos across the bow of its biggest rival.