Stories by Louise Weihart

  • Telcos won't let go of their precious wires

    Local telecommunications companies seem to have been caught napping as others move in to grasp the wireless opportunity. According to Sydney-based online intelligence company APT Strategies, while business to wireless (B2W) is the most profitable wireless sector in Australia, 60 per cent of local telecommunications carriers lack the expertise to grasp the opportunity and need to accelerate partnership programs, focussing on application developers with professional service teams.

  • E-business redefines CRM landscape

    "CRM is hot for the economy generally, and the next hot e-market," says Neil McMurchy, research director, enterprise applications at Gartner. "It's a major fashion item at the moment, set to secure huge growth rates, not least in Australia and Asia, where we are expecting a 100 per cent annual compound growth rate, albeit off a low base."

  • Spike chief steps down

    Spike Networks chief executive officer and director C Chris O'Hanlon has resigned with immediate effect, as a result of a medical condition.

  • Here comes Y2K - ready or not!

    As the first large Western nation to make the date transition, all eyes will no doubt be on Australia when the new millennium finally arrives. So, will it be a damp squib or a crash into chaos? Has it been blown out of all proportion? Or, will it cause loss of life, as some very concerned Brits seemed to think in a recent survey?