Stories by Damien Donnelly

  • Mini media centre

    BenQ's latest release, the S61 v30, is the only 12.1-inch notebook we've seen that comes with a built-in digital TV tuner. It weighs just 1.65kg, has 1200 x 800 resolution and a slim optical drive bay, and is remarkably portable.

  • Seagate rolls out perpendicular storage technology

    Seagate is the first hard drive vendor to release a hard drive that features perpendicular storage technology. Perpendicular storage offers a breakthrough in the way data is stored. It heralds a new era where hard drive capacities will increase by up to 10 times while maintaining the same physical size.

  • New Macron is a Modder's dream

    Desktop PCs have always had the ability to have any core component upgraded or customised to perform the tasks that you specifically need. Until now, the same couldn't be said for notebooks.

  • Hefty in hand but strong performer

    The Pioneer 400AE packs in a lot of muscle for its sub-$2000 price, however, it needs a bit of muscle to carry it. Weighing in at a hefty 3.6kg, the 400AE will provide a good supplement to an expensive gym.