Stories by Rebecca Reid

  • Sun makes open source move with Java 3D

    Sun Micro­systems took a step toward making Java open source by opening its Java 3D version along with its 3D desktop, Project Looking Glass, at its annual JavaOne conference last week. The company also reconfirmed its commitment to open sourcing Solaris for X86.

  • Cisco embedded OS gets brain surgery

    The brain behind Cisco Systems Inc.'s hardware is getting a lobotomy. Development teams at Cisco are sticking the proverbial ice pick in its Internetwork Operating System (IOS) and carving it up into modules, which one industry insider says will increase performance of hardware such as routers and save users money.

  • Leaked email contends MS funding SCO

    An email leaked last Thursday from the SCO Group, indicating that Microsoft was behind a $US50 million investment in SCO in October 2003 by BayStar Capital, was inaccurate, SCO has said.

  • Sun sheds light on Mad Hatter

    Sun Microsystems has previewed of its upcoming open source-based desktop suite, dubbed Project Mad Hatter. The company is offering the suite as an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows-based desktops, claiming it is more secure, less complex and less expensive.

  • PwC sells business process outsourcing unit

    PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has sold its international business process outsourcing (BPO) operations to Exult, a company that provides human resources (HR) services, for $US17 million in cash.

  • Storage vendors collaborate on new SCSI technology

    Although Serial Attached small computer system interface (SCSI) disk drives and interfaces are not yet a reality, five disk drive manufacturers -- Adaptec, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Maxtor and Seagate Technology -- announced they will be working together to ensure their Serial Attached SCSI products will be interoperable.

  • WLAN market grows in fourth quarter

    The worldwide wireless LAN (WLAN) market flourished in the fourth quarter of 2002, continuing the growth it demonstrated in the past several quarters, according to a quarterly report by Infonetics Research's wireless LAN hardware group in Bromley, England.

  • Wi-Fi market to grow estimated 23 per cent

    Fuelled by increasingly cheap and reliable 802.11b technology, the worldwide wireless LAN (WLAN) market grew tremendously in 2002, according to a report by high-tech market research firm, In-Stat/MDR.