Stories by Tabloid Staff

  • Government intelligence

    Which spokesman for the IT development division of a state government asked a Tabloid spy what an underscore was?

  • Laughed till I stopped

    Billed as a drawing card for developers at the recent BorCon developers conference in Melbourne was a chance to chat with long-time Borland guru David Intersimone.

  • IT firms give all for disaster relief

    It is not often competitors in the IT industry band together for a common goal, but the recent disasters in Manhattan and Washington have inspired a flood of donations, charity schemes and other niceties among the competitors.

  • Life is beautiful @ Virgin

    There's nothing like a shameless rip-off of the finale of Roberto Benigni's Nazi-era film, Life is Beautiful, to get the pulses racing and the cockles warmed.

  • How big is very big?

    So Hewlett-Packard wants to form a $US87 billion entity by paying $US25 billion for rival Compaq? That's a lot of shekels (103 billion of them to be exact). At Tabloid we struggled to get our heads around just how big a number $US25 billion is, so we did some sums to put some scale on it and see what else it will buy you.

  • Asterisk not asterix

    Last week Tabloid published an article about the use of an asterisk in IBM consumer advertising advising consumers to "buy direct from IBM . . . or to find your nearest reseller*"

  • FBI arrests Russian hacker

    Dmitry Sklyarov, a Russian programmer at Moscow software firm ElcomSoft, has been arrested by the FBI for developing a piece of software in Russia that circumvents the copyright protection built into Adobe Systems' eBooks.

  • Living next door to Allan

    Retailer Harvey Norman has accused the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission of engaging in "underhanded" tactics while making investigations into Harvey Norman's advertising strategies.

  • Telstra moves into downtown Tempe

    With its fetish for putting a finger in absolutely every pie possible, it was only a matter of time before Telstra made its way into the IT channel for real. Last week the telco demonstrated its admirable ability to wage two wars at once.

  • IBM software PR put up for bids

    In a bid to reduce costs and streamline its spin doctored message, IBM has put its software business division's PR accounts out to tender, Tabloid has learned.

  • New services charges

    In an industry where margins are beginning to make Calista Flockhart look overweight, businesses are having to find new methods of revenue.

  • One veri crazy Veritas salty

    Veritas was pitching in for kids last week, auctioning off several items for the Save the Children Fund. Over 300 vendor and channel partner attendees took to Home Night Club while the "BT Global Challenge" yacht race was in full swing, and managed to raise $35,000.

  • ARN wins again. Good on us.

    Here at ARN we're getting so used to winning awards that it's becoming a little tiresome. Last week, Australian Reseller News was the big winner at the Consensus IT Writer's Awards, with editor-in-chief Mark Jones taking out Best Editor, and the ARN gang winning Best Web site for ARNnet.

  • New strategy at MS support services

    Tabloid does not, has never and will never, support the motives of hackers. They are a disruption to the otherwise idyllic world of the Internet. But this really is of some mild mirth. And even though it says, it is a mirrored site sent around via e-mail so it is not "officially" a hack now is it?