Stories by Joseph Fieber

  • Three reasons the iPad will lead the tablet pack for business

    The iPad seems unstoppable. Pre-orders for the new iPad sold out in less than a week. But it's not just consumers that are interested; eighty-four percent of businesses prefer the iPad over its competitors, according to a survey by ChangeWave Research. With its current lead in the market, momentum could keep demand high for a number of reasons.

  • Windows 8: Training required

    Every new version of Windows has included interface changes. Most of these have been minor--an icon moved here, a toolbar added there. Windows 8 will be different, using a completely new Metro interface as the primary environment, and removing important elements like the Start menu from the older but still accessible "desktop" interface. Even IT pros may need to do some web searching to figure out some features. What questions will your workers have, and will you have the answers?

  • Five ways Apple should make iCloud business-ready

    Apple hasannounced an update to its OSX operating system. Notable in the updated features is tighter integration with iCloud, its cloud-based file, apps, and settings syncing service. For businesses, this isn't big news, since iCloud targets individual consumers, and has almost no business-friendly features. What can Apple do to change that?

  • OS X Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8: Apple and Microsoft mobilise

    With smartphones and tablets quickly gaining widespread adoption, even IBM is calling this a post-PC era. It’s a world of portability, apps, and touch-enabled devices. This is clear not only in the dominance of mobile devices and laptops on the hardware side, but in the way that Apple and Microsoft are merging their mobile and desktop operating systems.

  • Guide: Five ways to mix business and personal data on your smartphone

    Smartphones now make up almost half of all phone sales, and many millions of people use them for personal communications as well as work-related tasks. Yet, few people want to carry multiple phones at all times just to separate the workday from their home life. Here are five ways you can access your business and personal accounts without having to carry two phones.

  • Five important ways Windows 8 will embrace mobile broadband

    Because Windows 8 will run on laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets as well as desktop PCs, access to mobile networks is important. On the Engineering Windows 8 blog, Windows president Steven Sinofsky detailed five improvements to Windows 8 that will simplify connecting to mobile networks and managing network connections. Here's a recap of the changes to watch.

  • Lenovo readies ThinkPad Edge hybrids, business ultrabook

    Lenovo has announced laptops targeting small and midsize businesses. Looking to combine "serious business technology and personal lifestyle computing features", Lenovo introduced the $US499 B Series entry-level laptop. But it’s the ThinkPad Edge S Series that’s more interesting, with an ultrabook option as well as hybrid storage that combines a solid-state drive (SSD) with a hard disk.

  • Opinion: Why Windows Phone 7 is too late

    Before smartphones were mainstream, Microsoft's Windows Mobile was considered the OS for business smartphones. RIM's Blackberry stole away its market by becoming a better communication hub. iPhone and Android have since buried Blackberry by extending a phone's functionality with apps.

  • Four reasons ultrabooks are right for business

    Ultrabooks, a new laptop category introduced by Intel, are the computers of the future. They're less than .8 inches thick and lighter than 3 pounds, and anyone who has used one will tell you it’s hard to go back to a heavy, boxy, full-sized laptop.