Stories by Tom Allen

  • Flexirent primes the marketing machinery

    While the rental business as an alternative finance option has established a foothold in the IT retail landscape, it has struggled with the misconception that it is a method acquisition

  • Sales tax avoider hits the slammer

    Another reseller is in jail after being convicted on sales tax avoidance, and it is the fifth custodial sentence handed out in the IT channel in the last year.

  • Netcomm creeps up on WebSpy

    Emerging SME solutions distributor Netcomm has taken another step towards shaking off its modem company tag with the announcement of a partnership with the diversifying Livingstone Group.

  • Retailers: you have PocketMail!

    Mobile messaging provider PocketMail Group (PMG) is set to hit the ground running following the announcement of partnerships with 13 major Australian retailers. The cluster comprises more than 1400 outlets nation- ally, which represents a remarkable achievement for a new product to be launched onto the mainstream market.

  • CHA gets its house in order

    In the wake of its cancelled sale agreement with beleaguered US distributor CHS Electronics, Melbourne-based national distributor CHA has announced a new business structure some say is about six months late.

  • The end of the Net bundle?

    Veteran of the bundled PC Internet pack- age eisa may be facing up to the prospect that its much-vaunted deal may not be the way to the desired critical mass of Internet subscribers. The company reported provisional unaudited results for the year to December 31 showing a loss before tax in the order of $13 million. The greater-than-forecast loss was attributed in part to lower-than-anticipated sales of its eisa PC product.

  • Compaq shops: $1M a month

    After only four months, Compaq's eight retail stores are already turning over a million dollars a month each, according to Compaq Australia's managing director Ian Penman.

  • SpeedStep means price shuffle

    The announcement of Intel's latest mobile processor offering, which includes the new SpeedStep technology, means notebook resellers face another technology quandary. The SpeedStep fanfare was quietly accompanied by a huge cut in the price of the 500MHz model.

  • Eisa defends PC bundles

    On the back of retrenchments in its call centre, Internet player Eisa has responded to industry speculation it is struggling to attract subscribers with its bundled PC/Internet offering.

  • Chips and Bits swallows CEA

    Niche value added distributor Chips and Bits, has announced the acquisition of Computer Enterprises Australia (CEA) has taken effect as of last Monday.

  • Creative sets up new Australian suit

    Distribution arrangements for Creative Technology multi-media products in Australia are set to be revised following the decision by the Singapore head-quartered vendor to establish a new subsidiary in Australia.