Stories by Laura Rohde

  • Marconi cuts 2,000 more jobs; CEO, chairman jump ship

    UK telecommunication equipment maker Marconi announced Tuesday it has accepted the immediate resignation of its top two executives following its decision to cut an additional 2,000 jobs on top of the 8,000 job cuts already announced this year.

  • With slow Q3, Novell warns no relief until mid-2002

    Despite continued sluggish sales, network software producer Novell on Thursday reported third-quarter earnings that slightly beat analysts' expectations. However, the company warned that the weakened IT market will show no signs of recovery until mid-2002.

  • Microsoft reveals Windows XP pricing

    Microsoft has officially announced the pricing for its Windows XP operating system, the day after online retailer for the second time mistakenly listed the prices for the highly anticipated software.

  • Intel chip price cuts expected soon

    Intel is widely expected to step up its speed and price war with microprocessor rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) by providing pricing for its fastest microprocessor, the 2GHz Pentium 4. Some analysts are also predicting that the company will unveil expected price cuts for some of its microprocessors over the weekend, before the start of next week's Intel Developer Forum (IDF).

  • Motorola's new strategy is 2.5G/3G licensing

    Motorola plans to make the technology and designs underlying its 3G (third-generation) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) mobile telecommunication products available to its rivals for them to resell under their own brands, Motorola said in a statement Monday.

  • Nortel reports $US19.4 billion loss in Q2

    Nortel Networks suffered a quarterly net loss of $US19.4 billion and a pro forma net loss on continuing operations of $1.55 billion based on revenue from continuing operations of $4.61 billion in the second quarter of 2001, the company said Thursday.

  • Shakeup at Marconi may bring sell off

    UK telecommunication equipment maker Marconi Corporation will attempt to regroup this week after a difficult week which began with the company issuing a profit warning last Wednesday and ended on Friday with the resignation of the man scheduled to take over as chief executive in August.