Stories by Laura Rohde

  • Microsoft files appeal in EU case

    As had been widely anticipated, Microsoft has filed its official appeal to the European Union's Court of First Instance (CFI), defending itself against the European Commission's competition decision earlier this year.

  • Steady broadband growth seen for Europe

    Broadband uptake has continued to grow in Europe despite obstacles posed by incumbent telecommunication companies, and is now entering a "third stage" of growth where advanced services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will become more readily available to consumers, a new study reports.

  • Xerox loses single-stroke patent claim against PalmOne

    In a patent infringement lawsuit that has survived various rulings and company configurations, a U.S. District Court on Friday ruled that Xerox Corp.'s patent for its Unistrokes single-stroke handwriting recognition software is invalid and as a result dismissed its suit against PalmOne Inc.

  • Microsoft files new case against Lindows

    The international trademark battle between Microsoft and Lindows continues to generate work for lawyers and the courts, with the software giant once again asking a Dutch court to fine Lindows €100,000 (US$118,570) a day, the open source software vendor said Tuesday.

  • Nortel delays results as it fires top executive

    Nortel Networks has fired its president and chief executive officer (CEO), replacing Frank Dunn with William Owens, and has also delayed the release of its financial results for the first quarter of the year.

  • (Not so) Private thoughts

    Google is the world’s leading search engine — by a serious margin. But when the company announced it’s planned Web-based email service a few weeks ago, it suddenly found that the hand that praises can also deliver a stinging rebuke. Embroiled in users’ privacy issues, Google may well have to rethink it’s service. Laura Rohde reports on a real case for the 21st century.

  • Report: Real seeks musical duet with Apple

    RealNetworks Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rob Glaser has urged Apple Computer's CEO Steve Jobs to partner its digital music businesses against rival Microsoft, according to a report published Thursday in The New York Times online edition.

  • Cisco offering IP-based business video application

    Cisco Systems Inc. on Tuesday unveiled its business video product for enterprise customers, providing video production, distribution and usage over Cisco's IP (Internet Protocol) network for streaming and video-on-demand (VOD).

  • 3 ... 2 ... 1, your software is banned

    DVD software provider, 321 Studios, has suffered another legal setback after a New York judge granted a preliminary injunction barring the company from manufacturing, distributing or otherwise trafficking in software that allows users to copy DVDs.

  • IDC: PC shipments slower but still robust to 2005

    Despite expectations that worldwide PC shipments over the next two years won't be able to match figures for 2003, the forecast is still one of double-digit growth through 2005, market research firm IDC said Wednesday in its Quarterly PC Tracker estimate.

  • Court rejects ban on DVD descrambling code

    In a closely watched case concerning a DVD-cracking tool that has been distributed over the Internet, a California appeals court has reversed a 4-year-old order banning the publication of the computer code that can be used to copy DVDs.