Stories by Laura Rohde

  • W3C highlights Mobile Web Initiative at workshop

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is considering a new effort called the "W3C Mobile Web Initiative," that will seek to make Web access from mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants), as simple, easy and convenient as desktop Web access.

  • Nortel delays financial restatements again

    Nortel Networks has indicated that it won't be waking from its financial nightmare anytime soon when it delayed the release of its financial statements for the third time because it found additional problems with its revenue reporting for past results.

  • Dell to pre-install Suse Linux on servers

    Dell will install Novell's Suse Linux operating system on Dell PowerEdge servers as part of a worldwide agreement, the companies announced Wednesday at the LinuxWorld conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Nokia woos operators, developers with Preminet

    Nokia unveiled a system for hosting, delivering and charging for entertainment and application content for mobile phones, at the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association's (CTIA's) Wireless IT and Entertainment conference on Monday in San Francisco.

  • Vendors look to tame DRM standards with Coral

    Six large technology and music companies have banded together in an attempt to bring some interoperability to the digital rights management (DRM) systems protecting digital content such as music and movies within the next nine months.

  • Oracle in a buying mood, its president says

    As Oracle pushes forward with its hostile bid to acquire rival enterprise software maker PeopleSoft for US$7.7 billion, it is also sizing up further acquisition options, according to Oracle President, Charles Phillips.

  • Oracle apps upgrade to ship within 60 days

    Customers will be able to get their hands on the delayed version of Oracle Corp.'s E-Business Suite 11i.10 within 60 days, the company announced Monday, at the opening day of its OpenWorld conference in London.

  • Oracle touts grid computing to open show

    Oracle rang in the first day of its OpenWorld European conference series on Monday by touting the growth of grid computing in Europe, followed with the main news of the day: the release of E-Business Suite Version 11i.10.

  • Peer-to-Peer companies win in court

    A U.S. federal appeals court ruled in favor of peer-to-peer (P-to-P) software makers Thursday, stating that the companies behind the Grokster and Morpheus services are not liable for copyright infringement due to the actions of their users.

  • Lindows postpones IPO indefinitely

    Lindows the Linux-based software developer best known for its legal battles with Microsoft, has indefinitely shelved its plans to become a publicly traded company due to "current adverse market conditions," it announced Wednesday.

  • New Bagle variant seen in the wild

    Antivirus software companies late last week began warning e-mail users that the persistent Bagle virus has re-emerged in a new version, Bagle.AF or Beagle.AB.

  • Chip sales continue to grow, industry group says

    The global semiconductor industry reached its highest sales in almost three and a half years last May, and is on track to post strong growth throughout the rest of the year, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said in its latest forecast.

  • Sender ID e-mail spec submitted to standards body

    Microsoft has submitted a draft technical specification of the e-mail authentication system Sender ID to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for consideration as an industry-wide standard, the software company announced last week.