Stories by Laura Rohde

  • Partnership leads to Bertelsmann, AOL sale

    Online media and services powerhouse America Online (AOL) and German publishing giant Bertelsmann AG have agreed to a four-year strategic alliance valued at $US250 million that will lead to the sale of Bertelsmann's interests in AOL Europe GmbH and AOL Australia to AOL, the companies announced late on Friday.

  • Cap Gemini to buy Ernst & Young

    French IT services company Cap Gemini SA has agreed to acquire almost all the consulting activities of Ernst & Young Consulting, the companies recently announced.

  • Cisco executive predicts five IP devices on body

    Cars connected to the Internet, five IP (Internet Protocol) devices linked to a network on a person's body, and an Internet gateway for every home were just some of the predictions made by a Cisco Systems executive at the ISPCON 2000 conference.

  • October chips sales hit all-time high, SIA says

    Driven by increased consumer demand for mobile phone and wireless products, a record $US13.4 billion worth of semiconductors were sold worldwide in October, according to a report released this week by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

  • KPMG: European online sales doubled in 1999

    Sales over the Internet in Europe doubled during the past year, and European businesses are expected to further accelerate their online sales efforts over the next few years, according to a study released last week. Of all corporate sales in Europe this year, 4 per cent were done over the Internet, compared to 2 per cent in 1998, according to the pan-European Electronic Commerce Research Report 1999 released last week by KPMG Consulting. In three years, 14 per cent of all transactions in Europe will take place online, the KPMG report predicted.

  • CA, Xerox streamline printers, software

    Xerox and Computer Associates International (CA) will integrate Xerox network-based printers and scanners with CA's enterprise management software, Unicenter TNG, the two companies announced last week.

  • Pfeiffer slams his former company's AltaVista sale

    Eckhard Pfeiffer, Compaq's ex-CEO and current member of the board for Intershop Communications, said his former employer made a huge mistake in selling its stake in AltaVista last June. "I do not know what the reasoning of the board was in selling AltaVista, but the company gave away a major presence and capability that would have given Compaq a major place in the Internet/e-commerce market," Pfeiffer said last week.

  • Inprise posts loss but beats expectations

    Software and tools vendor Inprise, formerly Borland International, posted a smaller-than-expected loss in the third quarter. Inprise losses were 3 cents per share in the third quarter, ended September 30, compared to earnings of 29 cents per share in last year's third quarter. Analysts' expectations, as reported by First Call/Thomson Financial, predicted a 10 cent loss per share in this year's third quarter.

  • Cisco, S' to go wireless

    Cisco Systems and Internet infrastructure applications provider have agreed to jointly develop wireless communication services and products for Internet service providers, the two companies announced last week. The companies are looking to take advantage of the increasing convergence of IP (Internet protocol) networks and wireless networks, Cisco and said in a joint statement.

  • Pfeiffer criticises Compaq's AltaVista sale

    Eckhard Pfeiffer, Compaq's ex-chief executive officer and current member of the board for Intershop Communications, said his former employer made a huge mistake in selling its stake in AltaVista last June.

  • Psion touts Revo's connectivity features

    Psion PLC last week launched the Revo, billed as a connected handheld PDA (personal digital assistant). Capable of sending and receiving e-mail and SMS (short message service), the Revo can also be used to access the Internet, the company said.

  • Alcatel buys Genesys for $US1.5 billion

    Alcatel, the French manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, announced last week it is buying US-based software vendor Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories in a stock swap transaction valued at $US1.5 billion.

  • Cabletron launches global services division

    In an attempt to give its business more of a networking and e-commerce focus, Cabletron Systems last week announced the creation of a new division within the company called GlobalNetwork Technology Services.