Stories by Rob Guth

  • NEC chairman resigns amid scandal, red ink

    NEC's Chairman Tadahiro Sekimoto resigned last week, taking blame for a growing procurement scandal enveloping the Japanese computer and communications equipment vendor. Sekimoto will become an advisor to NEC and a member of the company board, an NEC spokesman said. The position of company chairman will remain open while no other positions will be affected, he added.

  • Asian crisis hurts server shipment revenues

    By Rob Guth | 11 September, 1998 13:20

    In the first half of this year, revenue from server shipments in the Asia-Pacific region dropped 20 per cent year-on-year as the region's organisations and governments cut back on IT spending, according to a report released this week by IDC Asia-Pacific. However, the only bright spots were Australia, where shipments grew 7.3 per cent.

  • IBM seeks global network infrastructure buyer

    By Rob Guth | 03 September, 1998 13:52

    IBM is seeking a buyer for its worldwide network infrastructure in the hope of lowering costs while increasing its focus on the services that run on top of the network, sources familiar with the company's plan said this week. The sources did not disclose any potential buyers for the IBM Global Network, but said the company is targeting major telecomms companies.

  • Sun's Jini brings three wishes in a wave

    A development project disclosed by Sun Microsystems last month, called Jini, comes with three wishes, but unlike those of the genies of legend, Sun's wishes are not guaranteed.

  • Intel Willing to Appeal FTC's Antitrust Ruling, CEO Says

    Intel's president and chief executive officer this week said he disagreed with the premise of the US Federal Trade Commission's antitrust complaint made yesterday against his company and said he is willing to appeal the final ruling in US Federal court.

  • Hitachi moves to HP's Unix

    Hitachi will gradually unify its Unix strategy around Hewlett-Packard's flavour of the operating system in preparation for the release of Intel's 64-bit Merced processor, a company official said yesterday.

  • Compaq's Pfeiffer predicts PC market growth

    The chairman and CEO of Compaq last week said he has favourable expectations for the global PC market in the long term, but he had little to say of the short-term challenges facing his company.