Stories by Natalie Hambly

  • Security: A private issue

    When the new privacy laws come into effect in six weeks, companies will be forced to take a range of measures to ensure their data is secure. It's not too late for channel players to get in on the act by providing a totally secure solution

  • Security: A private issue

    Everyone remembers the Y2K bug issue. How could we not -- it was pasted on the front pages of every IT and business magazine for months. Ensuring compliance was something many companies focused on for years. It was a serious business issue for the most part, which posed a security threat to organisations and was treated with a deserved level of importance. On December 21 this year, a business issue on the scale of the Y2K bug will take effect, the beefed-up Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

  • Dingo eats staff

    Communications service provider Dingo Blue has entered into a spate of staff cutbacks with more than 25 employees given notice earlier today, according to a former staff member.

  • BO grooms channel to sustain growth

    Business intelligence vendor Business Objects, has appointed a new channel manager and will be releasing a new partner program in September this year, in an effort to continue its strong revenue growth in the Australian region.

  • Winning the toss

    The dollar dives again! A new low for the dollar! How low can we go? Sound familiar? These sorts of headlines have become commonplace lately as the Aussie dollar continues to reach new lows. And with many in the channel already struggling to stay afloat in a highly competitive market, the current currency freefall has amplified the woes of many trying to eke out a profit.

  • Impact of Internet on distribution

    There can be no doubt the Internet has significantly altered the way distributors do business and view their future opportunities. Nonetheless, many channel players would argue that the full capabilities of the Internet are not being utilised and that most distributors are limiting its use to advertising and product information, rather than offering a full complement of B2B capabilities.

  • Fitting the e into the jigsaw

    The hip, happening world of online buying has been making the headlines recently. But it hasn't all been good news, with some e-tailers finding they are struggling to survive following last year's tech stock shakeout. Are these isolated cases or is it an indication of problems with the e-tailing model?

  • Tackling the IT skills shortage

    With a lack of support and solutions running dry, the shortage of skilled personnel in the IT industry looks like it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Stressed and badly managed - today's workforce

    Companies are working their employees too hard. Staff are coming into the office early, staying back late, and working on weekends. The working week has risen to more than 50 hours. Employees are not taking their annual leave for fear of losing their jobs or not getting the next promotion.