Stories by Bob Trott and James Niccolai

  • MS-DOJ case emboldens litigators

    Microsoft could settle its antitrust case with the US Department of Justice soon, but its legal battles will be far from over. Microsoft, which has been assigned an antitrust case mediator by US District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, who is pushing Microsoft and the Government to settle, has been hit by a wave of class-action suits in the wake of Jackson's declaring it a monopoly. Jackson appointed Richard Posner, the chief judge of the 7th Circuit US Court of Appeals in Chicago, to oversee negotiations.

  • Win2000 shipping delay means Win98 reprieve

    With no firm plans to release the promised consumer version of Windows NT, Microsoft will issue service packs and updates for Windows 98 for the foreseeable future. Microsoft's stated goal has been to phase out the consumer-oriented Windows 9x operating system line in favour of the sturdier NT kernel. It has not publicly stated when the "consumer NT" will be available, except to say that it will come well after Windows 2000 - formerly called NT 5.0 - ships.