Stories by Ashlee Vance.

  • Low-end servers bring relief in soft Q4

    The server market took a dip in the fourth quarter of 2002 as overall revenue declined, but there are signs of hope that it could rebound through the rest of the year, according to research published by IDC.

  • McNealy: Sun will not change

    Acknowledging that scepticism about Sun Microsystems is "at an all-time high", the company's top executive brushed off threats to Sun's business posed by industry-standard hardware and software and told financial analysts that Sun would continue to thrive.

  • IBM to expand blade server line

    IBM will continue to build out its blade server line throughout the course of this year, adding faster processors to current systems and delivering a new design that packs more computing power in a smaller space.

  • Veritas to restate financial results

    Veritas Software will restate its results for the fiscal years 2000 and 2001 as a result of an investigation into a deal the software maker made with AOL Time Warner.

  • Study shows Linux on the rise in data centre

    A new study on future trends for Linux operating systems backs up claims made by several server makers that Linux should show strong growth in the data centre over time, proving itself as a competitor to Unix and Microsoft's Windows.