Stories by Tim Fielden

  • Change management made easy, flexible

    With business software shifting to the Internet and software development projects moving at Internet speed, software change requests are coming faster, more frequently, and with greater urgency than ever before.

  • Source Insight develops code for less

    In today's code development environment, projects often span multiple platforms, languages, and even geographical boundaries. Because of the many challenges of managing people throughout the code-development process, finding the right program to facilitate this work is well worth the effort and cost.

  • Latest OS/400 bolsters e-business

    I still get a chuckle over the way people react whenever I mention the words "AS/400" and "enterprise class" in the same sentence. Yes, I admit to being biased toward the platform, having spent many years using it. But I still find it amazing that some people continue to think of the AS/400 as a mere green screen, report-based system. It's actually a very reliable, open, scalable, and easy-to-use server that's suitable for all kinds of enterprise applications, whether they be batch or interactive workloads, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, or business intelligence suites.

  • StarTeam fuels team exchange

    No matter what platforms are at the heart of your development efforts, source control will always be a necessity. Fortunately, StarBase has emerged with a source-control solution capable of handling workflow and collaboration issues for development teams and supporting Web-based and Windows clients.

  • Dedicated AS/400 for Domino

    Corporations today are struggling with the ever-growing hardware and support requirements of e-mail and collaborative applications. Although more powerful collaboration is increasing productivity, it often requires building a server farm to handle such demands. Fortunately, IBM has not only delivered state-of-the-art groupware tools with Lotus Development's Domino for the AS/400, Release 5.0.1, but the company has also eliminated the need for a server farm.

  • WebTerm aptly serves apps

    Organisations that need to deploy host-application access to a large number of users will find White Pine Software's WebTerm 1.5 worthy of consideration. Because it can be deployed to either Web-based or Windows clients, WebTerm can fit neatly into existing environments with minimal changes.

  • OneRealm clears code for translation

    Whether you're a software developer assigned to an international project or an IT manager charged with getting your team's code ready for a global initiative, I18N Expeditor 2.0 from OneRealm may be capable of helping you get the job done.

  • BrioQuery boosts business intelligence

    If you are looking to leverage the power and versa- tility of a business intelligence tool, but do not want to buy a suite of products with questionable integration, then you should consider Brio Technology's BrioQuery 6.0.

  • Cult3D gives the Web new dimension

    Imagine animating and adding interaction to the content on your Internet commerce site without forcing your visitors to endure lengthy downloads. Add the capability for this content to be seen and used on virtually every platform in 3D, and you are just starting to realise the power of Cult3D 3.1. Cult3D from Cycore Computers is a highly optimised software solution that provides graphic artists and Web designers with a real-time, 3D development and rendering environment for the Web.