Stories by Con Zymaris

  • Opinion: The Hard Sell

    After a sequence of pieces focused on software reseller or services businesses, let's cast our attention on how we can use Linux to improve the fortunes of resellers in the PC hardware assembly industry.

  • Sun and the new Office space

    I recall a dozen years ago, when I used to work in the developer tools distribution channel, a company from Germany released a solidly engineered cross-platform GUI (graphical user interface) library.

  • OPINION: Lock in the Nessus monster

    In this instalment of Linux in the Channel, we consider combining a couple of the hot topics that are presently popular reseller discussion items: software as a service, and network security.

  • In the know with Linux

    Welcome back to Linux in the Channel. In this column, we investigate ways in which we as resellers, consultants and services companies can make money by deploying open-source solutions.

  • SOAP BOX: Linux in the channel

    Welcome to another roving series on ways that you, as a member of the channel, can make money and deliver quality service to your customers by deploying Linux and open-source technologies.

  • SOAPBOX: Riding the Linux Wave

    You all probably know about Linux and Open Source by now. Linux and its stable mates, Apache (the world's most popular Web server), FreeBSD (network workhorse server extraordinaire,) StarOffice (free MS Office clone), Perl/PHP/Python/Zope (the Kings of Web-based scripting technologies) and the rest.