Stories by Galen Gruman

  • In business mobile, the data shows it's an Apple world

    When it comes to business mobile usage, Apple reigns. That's according to Good Technology, an MDM (mobile device management) vendor that tracks the activation of new devices managed by its customers. It's no surprise that in the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple iPhone 4S activations were huge at 31 percent of all new devices activated and 40 percent of all new smartphones, as that highly anticipated smartphone was released in October.

  • SOPA on hold, PIPA may be weakened as Congress revisits the bills

    As major technology websites such as Reddit and Wikipedia <a href="">prepare to go dark</a> this Wednesday in protest over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives and the similar Protect Intellectual Privacy Act (PIPA) act in the Senate, there are signs that the protests from the technology industry are causing Congress to rethink the two bills, which is <a href="">supported by the entertainment industry</a> and a variety of business groups whose goods are often counterfeited or pirated. The technology sector -- outside of online businesses -- has been conflicted, with the Business Software Alliance initially supporting SOPA but then <a href="">withdrawing that support</a>.

  • Motorola Xyboard: A better Android tablet

    So far, few Android tablets have caught fire; arguably, only the <a href="">Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1</a> has made any impression with buyers. That sleek, iPad-looking tablet offers the basics for both personal and business users in a nice package, and it's remained at the top of the Android tablet hill since it debuted six months ago. Motorola Mobility's new Droid Xyboard -- an awkward name meant to evoke the villainous cyborgs of "Battlestar Galactica" fame (a disturbing motif, frankly, carried through in its startup screen) -- poses a serious challenge to the Galaxy Tab.

  • Need to print from iOS? Look no further

    When then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs promised in spring 2010 that iOS would support native printing, I and many others were happy, as the inability to print was a big inconvenience when using an iPhone or iPad. But <a href="">iOS 4.2's printing support was disappointingly limited</a> to a handful of AirPrint-compatible printers from Hewlett-Packard, and the list has hardly grown in the year since. Worse, iOS 5 this past fall plugged a hole that app <a href="">developers had used to enable printing</a> to non-AirPrint network printers. Printing became effectively useless on iOS devices.

  • The real force behind the consumerization of IT

    I have yet to meet an IT exec or CIO for whom the "consumerization of IT" -- employees asserting control over the technology they use for work -- isn't now a major area of contemplation ... and sometimes consternation. But there's more to the trend than Apple-blinded employees bringing Macs, iPhones, and iPads into the office, even if they are the most identifiable champions of this trend. Let me take you through the key issues behind the consumerization -- there's much more to it than mobile devices.

  • iPhone 4S soars with Siri

    What can you say about the iPhone 4S, the most written-about smartphone ever? Well, I can say it's a really good smartphone that continues to best the competition in so many areas. At first glance, the iPhone 4S appears to be a modest upgrade to the iPhone 4, with a faster processor and higher-quality camera. It's nice, but nothing stunning.

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900: The swan song of a standard

    When it debuted in 2008, the BlackBerry Bold quickly achieved iconic status as the must-have executive smartphone, with a QWERTY keyboard that made emails a snap. Not four years later, the Bold is struggling to remain relevant.

  • MobileIron brings unified Android management console

    With the U.S. release of the first <a href="">Android 4 "Ice Cream Sandwich"</a> devices expected in December, more Android devices are likely to head into the enterprise as strong customer adoption and emerging enterprise capabilities begin to break down the barriers that have kept Android largely out of business use, says Ojas Rege, products vice president at <a href="">mobile device management (MDM)</a> tool provider MobileIron. To address that trend, MobileIron today released version 4.5 of its MobileIron MDM tool.

  • InfoWorld's guide to a successful BYOD and mobile IT strategy

    It's the biggest shift in IT in years: the consumerization-of-IT trend that gained major traction with the advent of the iPhone and other modern mobile devices, causing most businesses to let employees bring -- or at least choose -- their own smartphones and tablets, all in fewer than two years.

  • After drama, HP to keep its PC business after all

    Hewlett-Packard isn't going out of the PC business after all. Today, CEO Meg Whitman announced the company would continue to make and sell PCs, <a href="">reversing a decision </a>made by her predecessor Léo Apotheker in August -- a decision that riled investors and employees and<a href=""> led to his ouster</a> in late September. Since the August announcement, <a href="">HP's future has been repeatedly questioned</a>, as has the competence of its senior management. The appointment of board member Whitman as CEO <a href="">added to the criticisms</a>.