Stories by Andre Kvitka

  • Fusion 5.0 creates sites faster

    Aimed at businesses that want to get a Web site up and running yesterday, NetObjects Fusion has always been an easy-to-use and flexible tool, and the Fusion 5.0 beta that I tested for this review is no exception.

  • Lotus helps companies stay organised with new release

    Corporations that standardise on robust groupware products, such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange, are able to provide their employees with e-mail and other handy applications that help them stay organised. But companies that simply provide e-mail usually leave employees to their own devices when it comes to managing their contacts, schedule, to-dos and business notes.

  • NAS 2000 empowers non-tech Web users

    The company intranet is such a critical means of communicating company charters, goals, culture and other types of information that dedicating webmasters or developers to the task of getting data online can be a huge waste of talent and time.

  • Elemental ships Drumbeat for JSP

    If you are a Web developer looking for an alternative to Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASPs), you will be happy to learn that Microsystems has just announced the JavaServer Pages (JSP) 1.0 specification. In concert with this announcement, Elemental Software will release Drumbeat 2000/JSP for IBM WebSphere.

  • Get to know your customers through the Web

    Businesses that understand their customers are the first to succeed, but getting customer feedback using traditional methods, such as e-mail or paper-based surveys, can be time-consuming, expensive, and unsuccessful. Customers are more likely to make suggestions or give feedback when they are visiting a company Web site; therefore, Web-based surveys can be a vital piece of an overall business strategy.