Stories by Jason Meserve

  • Sonic releases server for multimedia presentations

    Sonic Foundry has released a new, enhanced version of its Mediasite EX Server software that is designed to be more robust and support an enterprise-wide deployment with such features as LDAP integration, improved scalability and better accessibility for the blind and deaf.

  • Polycom announces high-definition video support

    Polycom this week took advantage of its annual Polycom User Group conference taking place in Phoenix to announce products that support high-definition (HD) videoconferencing, including new software for its MGC multi-point control unit and an upgrade package for its high-end group conferencing unit.

  • ITU standardization aids videoconferencing traversal

    For videoconferencing vendors and users alike, one of the biggest hurdles to connecting a call between organizations is getting through a firewall or NAT implementation because of the way the H.323 protocol is designed. The major players have had individual systems for getting around the issue, but no standard exists. Until now.

  • Goner virus spreading quickly

    If you open the latest virus making the rounds Tuesday, your computer's antivirus system could be a goner. The infected machine may also be left open to a hacker backdoor.

  • Polycom scoops up Accord Networks

    Videoconferencing equipment vendor Polycom gave itself a US$339 million Christmas present with its acquisition of Accord Networks, which makes networking hardware for connecting disparate video systems.

  • IntelliSeek hits BullsEye

    With a billion or so pages and hundreds of search engines to choose from, how does one begin to find information on the Web? IntelliSeek hopes the answer will be by using the company's Windows-based BullsEye 2 application from your desktop

  • OpenText makes play for PC DOCS -- again

    If at first you don't succeed, try again. OpenText last week announced a second takeover bid for document management software vendor PC DOCS Group, which is already negotiating a buyout with Hummingbird Communications.