Stories by Ashlee Vance

  • Sun secures storage HighGround

    Sun Microsystems took a bite out the storage market Monday when it announced plans to acquire HighGround Systems. Compaq then said it would work with both Sun and HighGround on standards related to storage area networks (SANs).

  • IDC: Windows 2000 Sales Picking Up

    Despite their ongoing legal disputes with the government, Microsoft Corp. executives have at least one reason to sleep well tonight. International Data Corp. (IDC) released a new study Monday showing that shipments of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 operating system are steadily picking up.

  • HP and Intel make their way to B2B effort

    Hewlett-Packard and Intel said they will move forward with plans to join the universal description, discovery and integration (UDDI) project launched almost two months ago by Microsoft, Ariba and IBM.

  • IBM updates Web software for visually impaired

    IBM released the latest version of its talking Web-browser software on Thursday in the hopes it will give visually-impaired individuals far greater access to e-commerce operations and improved Internet surfing options.

  • Compaq and Siebel expand alliance

    Compaq Computer and Siebel Systems took aim Monday at small and mid-sized businesses when the vendors announced they will team on hardware and software for that market.

  • Gartner: chip design houses will boom

    Lurking in the shadows of the semiconductor scene are an important group of vendors that don't actually make any silicon of their own, but instead supply the chip designs that help keep the industry abreast of evolving technologies.

  • Variant of "I Love You" virus attacks

    The troubling ways of the "I Love You" virus that hit computer networks about five months ago are still tormenting some users who were hit by one of the more destructive variants of the virus last week.

  • Sprint PCS inks wireless deal

    Oracle has announced it received a big vote of confidence in the wireless game when Sprint PCS Group agreed to use the software vendor's wireless applications for the next line of Internet-based wireless services designed by Sprint.

  • Gates says Microsoft will thrive

    Microsoft's dominant position in software will hold steady even as PC-centered computing wanes, Bill Gates, the company's chairman and chief software architect said Thursday at an Intel-sponsored event.

  • Sony plans US game release

    Gamers across the US are anxiously awaiting the release of the latest Sony gaming console - PlayStation 2. To prepare for what it believes will be the largest consumer electronics launch in history, Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced a schedule for PlayStation 2 launch-related activities for the North American market.