Stories by Ashlee Vance

  • IBM attacks Sun's server claims

    IBM launched an assault recently against rival Sun Microsystems, charging that Sun has engaged in a "desperate effort" to claim the lead in worldwide server sales. Big Blue shot back at Sun by citing new research figures, due this week from Dataquest, that put IBM at the top of the worldwide server market.

  • Sun developing software platform for P2P

    Looking to build on its success with Java, Sun Microsystems said it is developing a software platform for P2P (peer-to-peer) computing that it hopes will provide a common base for writing distributed applications.

  • Windows XP debuts to a rock beat

    Microsoft is unveiling its new Windows XP operating system at a lavish gala at the Experience Music Project (EMP) museum here. Bill Gates, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect at Microsoft, is expected to take the stage soon to show a completely revamped version of the company's flagship product that stands as the biggest change since the Windows 95 release, according to the company.

  • Microsoft moves on Java developers

    Microsoft has outlined its plans for the delivery of development tools designed to migrate Java applications onto the company's signature .NET platform. The announcement of the Java User Migration Path (JUMP) applications and services comes two days after the software giant settled a bitter, three-year legal dispute over the use of Sun Microsystems' Java programming language.

  • Sun snags another storage vendor

    Sun Microsystems said it signed an agreement to acquire storage software vendor LSC, part of an effort to strengthen its data-warehousing play against rivals like EMC.

  • MACWORLD - Microsoft offers preview of office for Mac OS X

    Microsoft has boosted compatibility between its applications and the Macintosh platform, and plans to ship Microsoft Office for the Mac OS X as early as September or October of this year, a Microsoft executive said during a keynote at the Macworld Conference and Expo here Wednesday.

  • MACWORLD - Jobs shows off OS X, new G4s, PowerBooks

    Looking to pull the company out of its recent slump, Apple Computer chief executive officer Steve Jobs kicked off the MacWorld conference and expo held here by unveiling an array of new products. With thousands of Apple faithfuls looking on, Apple's top executive revealed features in the Mac OS X operating system, faster G4 desktops and a new line of ultra-thin PowerBook laptops.

  • Intel CEO: The PC ain't dead yet

    In an action-packed keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show, Intel president and chief executive officer Craig Barrett last week insisted that the PC era is still alive and well, and called on some star-studded help to usher in what he called the "extended PC era".

  • Kriz virus waiting for holiday strike

    A damaging virus that has been in the wild since 1999, called Kriz, has been patiently lurking in networks for more than a year, waiting for its big day, say antivirus software vendors. Like Santa Claus himself, Kriz made preparations throughout the year -- changing its name and forms of transmission -- in order to make a grand run on December 25, when the malicious code is programmed to attack.