Stories by Ashlee Vance

  • Sun to end Solaris download program

    Sun Microsystems has put out the last call for users hoping to download the company's widely used Solaris operating system, as it will end a program Saturday that gave developers free access to the software.

  • 3Com hit hard by tech slowdown

    Networking equipment maker 3Com reported sluggish results on Tuesday for its fourth fiscal quarter, with officials saying the company has been hit by the most far reaching slowdown ever faced by the technology sector.

  • Bug found in Sun's Solaris printer software

    Researchers at a security services company reported a bug Tuesday in Sun Microsystems' widely used Solaris operating system which they said could allow a hacker to access a company's network via default printer software included with the OS.

  • Bad math leads to mistrial in case

    A US District Court judge declared a mistrial Tuesday in a copyright infringement battle between and TeeVee Toons, pointing to a mathematical error made by jurors determining damages in the case.

  • IDC: Dip in server revenue may herald price war

    Revenue from worldwide server sales dropped 4 per cent during the first quarter of 2001, paving the way for a possible price war that could be a boon to end users, according to market figures due out Wednesday from research company International Data Corp. (IDC).

  • Moore leaves Intel, but his law lives on

    Gordon Moore, one of Silicon Valley's most influential and respected people, officially resigned from the board of Intel Corp. Thursday. While his departure might mean the end of an era for the chip maker, Moore's legacy will live on.

  • Shining light on Sun's storage strategy

    Sun Microsystems has attacked the storage market with a vengeance, as company officials talk up acquisitions, investments and new products on the way. The vendor claims a Sun server and storage pairing gives customers one place to shop and "one throat to choke," positioning Sun well against the storage king EMC.

  • Sun launches Jxta development platform

    Executives from Sun Microsystems yesterday officially launched Jxta, a peer-to-peer (P-to-P) project that Sun hopes will be the building block to help developers write distributed computing software applications aimed at helping users find and share information from the Internet more easily.

  • UDDI directory ready for launch

    A Web-based directory for businesses that has earned the blessing of industry heavyweights is set to launch by next month, opening new ways for businesses to find partners and complete transactions together online.

  • HP unveils new server appliances

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) has beefed up its hardware line with the release of 19 new server appliances designed to handle specialised Internet content management functions.

  • Intel to slash 5,000 jobs

    Intel became the latest victim of a slowing US economy Thursday, when the company announced it will drastically reduce its workforce and slashed revenue expectations for its first fiscal quarter.

  • First file-swap virus hits Gnutella service

    File-swapping on the Internet hit a sour note Tuesday with the appearance of a virus that attacks users of the Gnutella file-sharing service and that several anti-virus vendors say is the first virus to affect peer-to-peer communications.