Stories by Ashlee Vance

  • Excite@Home trims staff and Web site

    Excite@Home will lay off one-quarter of its workers, drop several online services and shut down a subsidiary as the company attempts to cut expenses during trying times, officials said Tuesday.

  • Napster serenades songwriters, ready to end lawsuit

    Struggling online music distributor Napster signed a preliminary agreement with a group representing US songwriters and music publishers Monday that should end some litigation pending against it and provide songwriters with a cut of Napster's revenue when it launches a fee-based service later this year.

  • Sun and IBM set to do more server battle

    Sun Microsystems and IBM will heat up their high-end server battle later this year, as Sun is expected to release its mainframe-style product code named StarCat on September 26 and IBM should release its new Regatta server one week later, according to industry sources.

  • Palm makes mistake, pulls upcoming device specs

    Just days after receiving approval from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for an upcoming handheld device, Palm pulled its proposal on the product to correct an error made in its documentation -- a move that will require the company to seek approval once again.

  • Flash memory drops to hurt AMD in Q3

    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will continue to be hampered by a depressed flash memory market in its third fiscal quarter, but PC processor sales remain strong, the company said Wednesday in a financial forecast update.

  • HP to sell homemade version of Linux

    Hewlett-Packard will step out on its own and begin selling its own version of Linux, focusing on creating what it called an ultra-secure version of the operating system instead of relying on partner distributions as it has in the past.

  • Film studios unite to send movies over the Web

    Five of the largest movie studios joined forces Thursday to co-develop an Internet-based movie delivery service for film enthusiasts in the US, showing an early commitment to protect their content on the Web.

  • Desktop Linux fades as Dell pulls the plug

    Dell Computer has quietly stopped offering the Linux operating system as an option on its desktop and laptop PCs, saying low demand forced the Linux-advocate to pull the software from its online stores.

  • O'REILLY - Open source: For infrastructure geeks or mum

    A pair of executives from Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. and Cisco Systems, speaking at an industry conference here Wednesday, offered sharply diverging views of how open-source software will evolve, with the banking executive championing its strength at infrastructure, and the networking vendor calling for consumer friendly applications.

  • Microsoft still struggling with Windows XP downloads

    Microsoft continued to face problems Monday with its Windows XP preview program, as some users were able to download a beta version of the new operating system for free, instead of having to pay $US9.95. Last week, a glitch blocked numerous registered users who had paid for the software from downloading the software.

  • Compaq sees slow Q2 sales, lays off 4,000 more

    Compaq on Tuesday said it expects revenue for its fiscal second quarter to be down 9 per cent from the first quarter, and announced plans to lay off an additional 4,000 workers as part of an ongoing restructuring effort aimed at cutting costs.