Stories by Ashlee Vance

  • Intel ups speed on Pentium III server chips

    Intel increased the speed on the server version of its Pentium III chip from 1.26GHz to 1.4GHz Tuesday and released several pieces of complementary hardware intended to help users take advantage of the chip's smaller size and lower power consumption.

  • Itanium sales slow; users might wait for Madison

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) asserted its Itanium bragging rights Thursday, boasting it is the leading seller of workstations using the chip from Intel, but analysts put a damper on the company's claims, saying Itanium sales are few and far between.

  • HP exec says merger will go through

    Despite strong resistance to its merger with Compaq Computer, a senior Hewlett-Packard official said Wednesday that the merger preparations will continue as planned, and that they expect to secure enough shareholder support to push the deal through.

  • IBM teams with UPenn for breast cancer research

    IBM and the University of Pennsylvania joined forces Wednesday to battle breast cancer by creating a large computer network that will help hospitals and research centers more readily share information about the disease.

  • Sun cracks 1GHz with new chips

    Sun Microsystems has passed the 1GHz barrier with its UltraSparc III chips and will begin shipping workstations early next year with the speedier processors, the company announced on Monday.

  • Michael Dell has Sun in sights

    The struggle to sell servers in a slow economy has brought out the fighting spirit in Dell Computer chief executive officer Michael Dell, who was found slinging barbs at competitors during this week's Comdex trade show.

  • IBM to put mainframe tools on Wintel servers

    IBM will upgrade its server line by the second quarter of next year when the company begins shipping systems with its own "Summit" chip set designed to improve the management and stability of Intel-based servers.

  • Compaq, IBM part ways on storage pact

    Compaq Computer will offer users its own high-end storage box instead of IBM's popular Shark Enterprise Storage System, as the two companies part ways on a reseller agreement.

  • Sun revenue dips with hardware sales still slow

    Sun Microsystems has reported a 43 per cent revenue fall for its first fiscal quarter when compared to the same period last year, as the company continues to be punished by slowing demand for its servers in a weak economy and by a lack of orders following the September 11 attacks against the US.

  • Fujitsu speeds up Unix server line

    Fujitsu Technology Solutions (FTS) on Tuesday upped the processor speeds on its PrimePower line of Unix servers, boosting chip output by about 20 per cent.

  • Federal team unveils air security plans

    The US Secretary of Transportation's Rapid Response Team on air travel security late Friday made public a set of recommendations that build on President George W. Bush's September 27 call to make commercial airports and airliners more secure against terrorism.

  • HP/Compaq: Post-merger job cuts remain at 15,000

    Hewlett-Packard countered media reports claiming the company could lay off as many as 30,000 workers as a result of its planned merger with Compaq by filing a document this week with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in which the company states, as it has before, that the number will be closer to 15,000.

  • HP attacks Sun and IBM with server deal

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) offered rebates on its high-end server hardware Tuesday, attempting to deflect some pressure from rivals Sun Microsystems and IBM -- two companies in the midst of making major upgrades to their high-end products.