Stories by Ashlee Vance

  • McNealy attacks competitors, praises the Net

    Scott McNealy, Sun Microsystems' chairman and chief executive officer, launched comical attacks on his company's competitors and outlined a profoundly optimistic take on the Internet's expansion during a keynote speech on Thursday at Oracle's OpenWorld event here.

  • EMC chief says storage controls the Net's future

    The amount of data on the Internet will explode in coming years, but inexpensive storage systems will soon be available to handle all of the information, said Mike Ruettgers, chief executive officer of storage vendor EMC in a keynote speech Wednesday at Oracle's Open World.

  • Corel and Microsoft patch differences

    Struggling applications vendor Corel has secured $US135 million in funding from Microsoft, part of a strategic relationship that will see the companies do joint development work on Microsoft's .Net Internet initiative.

  • Apple gives sour earnings forecast, stock tumbles

    Stock in Apple Computer dropped precipitously yesterday after the company announced last week that fourth-quarter earnings will fall well below analysts' expectations due, in part, to slow September product sales.

  • Conexant splits operations in two

    Conexant Systems recently announced that it plans to separate its operations into two as-yet-unnamed independent communications semiconductor companies. One business will focus on chip making and develop software application for Internet infrastructure equipment manufacturers, while the other will target personal networking applications for mobile communications and home broadband usage.

  • IBM, Microsoft, Ariba up B2B standards push

    Ariba, Microsoft and IBM together with several key players in the e-commerce world have announced a project to design a type of standardised electronic Yellow Pages that describes and categorises corporations throughout the world.

  • Palm PDA receives first Trojan Horse

    In ancient Greece, soldiers and artisans combined their efforts to create a wooden horse capable of deceiving an entire army of Trojan warriors. Now, however, it only takes an ambitious programmer and some friends connected on a network to spread a virus to millions of unsuspecting users.

  • HP to release all-in-one colour printer/scanner

    Hewlett-Packard plans to release its latest multi-function printer next month. The device will feature Internet applications as well as color printing, faxing, scanning and copying capabilities on a single machine.

  • HP tops Q3 earnings estimates

    Hewlett-Packard yesterday reported higher-than-expected third-quarter earnings, citing its aggressive Net approach as well as growing PC demand as reasons for increased revenue.

  • Intel to support Napster model

    The Napster model of peer-to-peer file sharing seems to have inspired Intel to apply similar technologies throughout a variety of applications.

  • Big Names plan to pre-install Sun's StarOffice

    Sun Microsystems has released word that a number of personal computer companies will pre-install the latest version of Sun's open-source office suite software into the PC vendors' machines. Among the broad list of clients, Sun announced deals with Sony, Everex Systems and Gateway, which all confirmed intentions to bundle and distribute the StarOffice 5.2 software on selected desktop and laptops.

  • Intel/SAP joint venture collapses

    Pandesic LLC is going out of business and will start phasing out its operations due to slow sales and lackluster demand for business-to-consumer e-commerce services, the company announced last Friday.