Stories by Benjamin Keyser

  • Cisco Networking Services security plan stalls

    Cisco Networking Services for Active Directory (CNS/AD) will not be capable of implementing security until a Windows NT 5.0 domain controller is up and running. Speculation has been rampant that the release date of CNS/AD may precede the release of NT 5.0 because of Cisco Systems' knowledge of the inner workings of Active Directory. But CNS/AD will not become fully functional until the release of NT 5.0, company officials said.

  • Software approach to raise bandwidth

    Quality of service and bandwidth management were hot topics at NetWorld+Interop in the US last month among router and switch vendors. But one privately held French software company, Synchronix Software, has taken a software-only approach to optimising network traffic that may provide a cost-effective alternative in certain situations.

  • Oracle firms stance on Linux

    Oracle has laid out a road map that places the upstart operating system Linux squarely in Oracle's future. Oracle's Allen Miner, vice president of strategic business development, said recently the release of Oracle8 for Linux on October 7 is the start of a Linux initiative that will encompass Oracle Applications as well as Oracle8i, the new version of the database that includes a Java virtual machine in the database as a development platform for applications.

  • Key vendors back XML standard

    Several leading vendors are expected to back Extensible Markup Language (XML) as a standard way to implement the Common Information Model (CIM) object-description schema, according to the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF). Tivoli, Novell, Cisco Systems and others are among those expected to voice their support.