Stories by Scott Bradner

  • Life at 10 years AG (after Google)

    There were many ways to search the Internet before Google came along, but none of them turned into a verb. These days, a big deal is being made of Google's turning 10 by a lot of the media. Most of the coverage has had a bit of an edge to it, as if people do not want to accept the success that Google has enjoyed.

  • Data centers: Green because you have to

    So you work for a big company that has told you that it's your job to build a big data center in a big city. Good luck! More often than not your job may be impossible, and even where it might be possible today, the window is closing fast.

  • Irrelevant victories in the war on spam

    On the surface it might look like there has been some real legal progress against spam of late. But don't be fooled; these victories, real as they may be for the people involved, don't mean much to you and me.

  • SCO Group: Prolonging death or what?

    Earlier this year, it looked like The SCO Group was going down for the count. It had lost a key decision in its suit against Novell, declared bankruptcy and was quickly running out of money.

  • MACWORLD - MacBook Air: evolution, not revolution

    As I write this it's a little after noon Eastern Time on January 15. I'm sitting in front of my computer (a Mac of course) watching two different live blogs coming from people watching the Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld 2008. I'm watching to see what, if any, "big" announcements Steve will make.

  • NSFNET: The vibrant ghost of Christmases past

    At the start of the Christmas shopping season 20 years ago the National Science Foundation announced that a group consisting of Michigan's Merit Network, IBM and MCI had won a contract to develop and deploy the T-1 NSFNET. This network led directly to the Internet of today -- the NSFNET was a gift that has kept on giving.

  • Internet overload: creating an accurate picture

    It seems like only yesterday that the press was talking about an Internet collapse, but it actually was more than a decade ago and happened because the press thought Bob Metcalfe was predicting the Internet was going to overload and collapse.

  • I guess truth is not an option for telcos

    If I wanted network neutrality laws passed I could not think of a better pair of allies than Verizon Wireless and Comcast. By their duplicitous behavior, both have been doing a very good job of showing lawmakers just why such laws may be needed.

  • iPhone would be even better if it were more open

    Last week my mother admonished me for having published two columns about the Apple iPhone before it was released, but not a word since. She, of course, is right. I should have said something, but I've been trying to figure out what bothers me so much about the product.

  • NET KNOWLEDGE: Implications of an improving Internet

    Most of the Internet has been getting better during the past few years. In much of the world, it is now good enough for all but the most demanding applications. This improvement hasn't depended on ISPs implementing fancy Quality of Service mechanisms. Paradoxically, some ISPs might see this news as a threat to future financial health.