Stories by Kuriko Miyake

  • Sharp's LCDs to hold 1B colours

    Sharp Corp. has developed software which allows LCDs (liquid crystal displays) to display more than 1 billion colours, the company said Thursday.

  • New prime minister is hot property on Japan's Internet

    Could Junichiro Koizumi, Japan's most popular prime minister in years, be the Internet's most popular author? Koizumi has started a regular e-mail newsletter, the "Koizumi Cabinet e-mail magazine", and distributed its first edition on Thursday. Between the opening of the subscription list on June 9 and Friday afternoon, 1.35 million Internet users had signed up to receive the newsletter, the Cabinet Office said.

  • Better games needed for PS2, say users

    Sony's game consoles, PlayStation and PlayStation2 (PS2), currently dominate the console gaming market, and their success is supported by many passionate fans. But, as the launch of Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube later this year approaches, some of Sony's most ardent fans are raising concerns over the selection of PS2 games available to them.

  • Japan looks for a way toward IT nation goal

    It's been more than six months since Japan declared that it would become the world's most advanced IT nation by 2005. Since then, the "e-Japan" strategy, its plan to achieve this goal, has been the subject of speculation by experts who wonder whether the government can deliver the goods.

  • Sony pronounces 2001 the year of the printer

    In another of Sony's sales initiatives with a catchy phrase, the company has decided that 2001 is the year of the printer. "Print by Sony" kicked off on Tuesday with a new line of photo printers for consumers and professional users in an initiative the Tokyo-based company hopes will make it a leader in the photo printer market.