Stories by Kuriko Miyake

  • SAP, BMC see financial upturn

    Minolta will soon be selling a digital still camera with 3x optical zoom in a package just 20 millimeters thick, the company revealed Wednesday.

  • NEC to suspend chip production in UK

    NEC will temporarily close down its UK chip plant in April 2002, the company announced Tuesday. The decision was made because of sluggish demand in the European mobile phone market, a statement from the company said.

  • Sony, others file lawsuit against Dell over MPEG2

    Sony, Mitsubishi Electric, Victor Company of Japan, France Télécom, Scientific Atlanta and Koninklijke Philips Electronics' US unit filed a lawsuit last Friday against Dell Computer for a patent infringement of MPEG2 video compression technologies, a Sony spokesman and a Mitsubishi spokesman confirmed on Wednesday.

  • NTT to recall 3G handsets

    NTT Communications is already recalling handsets for the 3G (third-generation) mobile communication service it launched in October, the company announced Monday.

  • Awash in red ink, Fujitsu jettisons another 4,600 staff

    Fujitsu on Wednesday announced it would lay off 4,600 workers as the company reported its first-ever loss and said financial losses for its 2001 fiscal year would exceed forecasts. The layoffs come on top of 16,400 staff cuts announced by Fujitsu in August.

  • Japan to start Internet car trails

    A joint project between the Japanese government, the private sector and a Japanese university is to run trials involving 1,700 taxis and private cars networked via the Internet, the project team said Monday.

  • Network system to support visually impaired people

    Visually impaired people often find that they go shopping and cannot choose appropriate colors for the products they are buying, or do laundry and cannot match pairs of socks. A new software system shown at the Real World Computing Project's final exhibition, held last week in Tokyo, is designed to solve such problems. With the system, friends or family members supporting visually impaired people can help them anytime, anywhere.

  • Nintendo unveils new Zelda and Mario

    Two short clips of the new versions of the "Legend of Zelda" and "Mario Sunshine" games for Nintendon's soon-to-be-launched Gamecube console were shown by its lead game creator Shigeru Miyamoto at a press conference on Thursday.

  • Hacked Web site damaged PCs in Japan

    Malicious JavaScript downloaded from a hacked auction Web site caused Japanese Internet users serious problems over the weekend, the Japanese government's Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) reported Tuesday.

  • Hi-tech analyser lets you feel like a dog

    Man's best friend is perhaps tired of listening to your grumbling. Japanese toy maker Takara and cell phone content provider Index have developed a product which analyses dogs' emotional feelings and conveys them in words. Now it's your turn to listen to what your dog barks about and find out if he's your real friend.