Stories by James Borck

  • RightNow helps customers help themselves

    With an increasing number of customer touch points in today’s service centres, managing the influx of communications is no easy task. E-services can reign in expenditures and help you better satisfy customer expectations.

  • Set sights on services

    Web services boldly promise to speed up and simplify cross-platform application integration. However, to fulfil that promise, developers need comprehensive development tools to reduce the learning curve in creating and integrating Web services.

  • Liaison Express eases competitive analysis

    Rapid expansion of the Web and e-marketplaces has introduced a glut of information so sizeable that anyone charged with the task of competitive cost analysis faces a time-consuming, costly and error-prone process.

  • Transforming e-business with e-speak

    There is no denying that leveraging the Internet to streamline corporate business processes has resulted in dramatic gains, introducing efficiencies in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. Most of today's e-business implementations, however, are little more than automation extensions of traditional processes.

  • Delivering business-level ammo

    When it comes to e-business, you can't take anything for granted. Once upon a time, improving your bottom line simply meant streamlining the integration among your partners and business processes. Nowadays it also means doing a better job of assessing and fulfilling your customers' demands.

  • Entrust/PKI secures e-business

    he Y2K glitch - and the many potential vulnerabilities it introduced - convinced IT managers of the growing importance of security in the enterprise. And as more companies turn to e-commerce, they'll need a solid, large-scale security system. If you hope to foster a successful electronic-business climate in 2000, one in which business partners and customers will want to participate, you must create and ensure end-to-end trust across online transactions. With a public key infrastructure (PKI) solution, you can bolster your security efforts through data encryption, digital signatures, and authenticated transactions.

  • ClearTrust centralises security

    As your enterprise grows with additional Web applications and users, the management and scalability requirements of existing security systems increase, often resulting in cumbersome and redundant access-control models. By extending security to disparate platforms and localised authorisation schemes, you risk creating a new security hole. Also, additional duties for administering multiple access policies can quickly tax your IT staff.

  • Cygwin unites Unix and Windows apps

    The development and maintenance investment required to support cross-platform applications can represent a sizable expenditure for corporate IT shops that have heterogeneous computing environments. Cygwin 1.0, from Cygnus Solutions, is an open-source application for Windows NT that allows you to run Windows-based applications side-by-side with your Unix applications. Despite some buggy interaction, I found that Cygwin provides a good foundation for quick and affordable deployment of existing Unix tools on a Windows platform.

  • UniCERT 3.0.5 adds key backup

    In industries where trust is an integral part of every transaction, such as Web banking and Internet commerce, businesses cannot afford even a momentary lapse in security. The latest public key infrastructure (PKI) solution from Baltimore Technologies, UniCERT 3.0.5, offers an ironclad Windows NT-based certificate authority (CA) system that is well-equipped to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure.

  • Lotus ports Domino 5.0 to Linux

    Although Lotus Development's Domino makes it possible to use the Notes development environment to develop and host Web applications that offer access to dynamic data and applications residing on a Notes server, it previously required a substantial infrastructure investment that was cost-prohibitive for some companies. Now, following its recent announcement to port Domino, Release 5.0 to Linux, Lotus has made available a sneak preview download of its popular messaging server for the Linux platform.

  • iPlanet CMS 4.1 simplifies certificates

    In the wake of rapidly proliferating electronic-business initiatives, the adoption of public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificate-based authentication implementations has surged.

  • NetworkIT Pro packs enterprise support

    Regardless of the size of your enterprise, your network is your business lifeline. Beyond managing network performance, it has become increasingly important to proactively thwart downtime and performance degradation, which could potentially impact your company's bottom line. NetworkIT Pro 1.0, Computer Associates' latest enterprise management tool release, has what it takes to provide scalable, centralised management of your networking infrastructure.