Stories by Phil Parent

  • Network printing opportunities: Services to the Small and Mid-Sized Networks

    The network printing marketplace differs somewhat from the printer marketplace. With printers, customers tend to know exactly what they want. Except at the very high end, there is very little education involved and virtually no installation services. With network printing, on the other hand, more often than not the end user is looking for help instead of a specific product. Phil Parent investigates

  • The UPS and downs of power supply

    The lights flicker. Then, almost as one, the sorrowful cries erupt from every cubicle . . . "Oh no, I've lost my files". A single, sub-second power surge has just wiped out a day's worth of work in the office. And, of course, that proposal is due in a few hours . . . Phil Parent investigates the latest developments in UPS.

  • Target marketing and building customer loyalty

    Target marketing is no more than understanding your potential client base. For retailers, it is knowing where your customers live, what they typically require, and how to attract more customers just like them