Stories by Martyn Williams and Tom Krazit

  • Looking ahead to the PC of 2007

    PCs enjoyed a better year in 2005 than most analysts had predicted. Notebook shipments continued to accelerate, Microsoft's Media Center PCs started to gain shelf space among receivers and DVD players in the living room, and corporations continued to upgrade as IT budgets proved firmer than anticipated.

  • Analysis: What's new for the PC of 2005?

    Consumers thinking about buying a new personal computer in 2005 might be better off putting off their purchase until 2006. With few major changes in PC hardware or software due over the next year, the PC of 2005 is likely to look awfully similar to the PC of today.

  • The big picture

    Yasushi Yamamoto thinks the time may be right for three-dimensional (3D) display technology. Twenty years after a generation of movie-goers filed into theatres, 3D glasses in hand, to watch a mechanical shark lunge at them in Jaws 3D, the Sharp employee claims a new generation of display technologies may soon have you dodging computer-generated foes, getting a close up view of a bug on the rain forest’s floor or taking a stomach-churning trip inside your own body.