Stories by Mark Leon

  • CAD goes mouseless

    Autodesk is giving its CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) products a free hand.

  • J2EE 1.3 has a day in the Sun

    Debate over standards compliance came into focus Tuesday when Sun Microsystems assembled a panel of 18 software vendors at a J2EE 1.3 compatibility event in San Francisco.

  • Hitachi adds notch to services belt

    Experio Solutions, the consulting arm of Hitachi, has purchased fellow consulting firm Tactica in a move designed to put Hitachi on par with other full-service technology providers such as IBM.

  • BEA enters Web services race

    In a bid to solidify its position as the application server vendor to beat, BEA Systems is beefing up its WebLogic product line with a new integration server and new versions of the application server platform and portal server.

  • IT consulting reinvents itself

    Consulting services are gaining popularity and importance at all levels of the market. Research shows that the fates of CTOs, CIOs and their variously titled counterparts are intertwined with those of consultants. A study by US-based Forrester Research found, for example, that 62 per cent of 50 companies interviewed used three different consulting outsourcing services to help with Web development efforts.

  • Behind the scenes of online success

    Online retailers that think they are in the retail business could be headed for trouble. According to Tom Hennings, president and CEO of OrderFusion, a US-based e-commerce software vendor, business-to-consumer (B2C) selling via the Web has more in common with direct and catalogue sales than with true retailing.

  • The secret of e-tail success

    Becoming an online retailer involves a whole lot more than snazzy graphics. Policies for handling logistics and fulfilment, payment systems, returns and customer service must take priority and be integrated properly to ensure any kind of success. Mark Leon reports . . .