Stories by Brian Fonseca

  • Anti virus vendors on alert for New Year

    Having passed through Christmas unscathed by any major virus activity, virus protection software vendors are still being watchful of viruses or other attacks against computers that the first few days of 2000 may bring.

  • OpenView readied for NT

    Fresh off the announcement of its $US200 million global brand campaign, Hewlett-Packard is wasting no time in positioning itself for the new year with plans to offer a new Windows NT version of its OpenView IT/Operations management tool. HP officials confirmed last week that the company will introduce the new OpenView enterprise management tool in the next few months. The new OpenView IT/Operations model is expected to offer the same capabilities as HP's current Unix-based version. Besides its Windows NT support, OpenView IT/Operations' new features will include a Windows 2000-based event consolidation console.