Stories by Nancy Weil

  • Vendors warn of new Sober variants

    Yet more variants of the mass-mail Sober worm are making the rounds of the Net and could infect Windows-based computers, antivirus firms warned Tuesday. Thus far, the variants present a low risk and haven't been widely distributed.

  • IDC, Gartner find Q3 PC shipment increases

    Spurred by low-priced computers, global shipments of PCs increased more than 17 per cent in the third quarter, according to analyst companies, IDC and Gartner, which have independently released figures from that period.

  • CA opens access to 14 patents, announces deal with IBM

    Computer Associates International (CA) will allow access to individuals and groups in the open-source software community to technology included in 14 of its U.S. patents and counterpart patents held in other countries, the company said Wednesday, as it also announced a long-term patent cross-license deal with IBM.

  • Lenovo to release new PC management hub

    Lenovo Group will release a new centralised management hub for its PC productivity tools worldwide on September 15. The LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies, announced Wednesday, will consolidate the company's ThinkVantage Technologies software for IT administrators.

  • Moto Q will support Napster To Go

    Motorola's Moto Q smart phone will be compatible with the Napster To Go portable subscription music service, Napster said Wednesday. A growing list of Windows-based phones are becoming available that are compatible with the service, Los Angeles-based Napster said.

  • HP offers hints on its digital home direction

    The digital revolution is all about providing users with easy-to-use affordable tech­nologies and products that help them to share their lives with others through media, HP chairman and CEO, Carly Fiorina, said in a keynote address at last week's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

  • Oracle, Red Hat open Singapore Linux center

    Oracle and Red Hat are opening a Linux Enterprise Applications Porting Center in Singapore as a regional hub to help ISVs (independent software vendors) and system integrators in Asia Pacific.

  • IBM says corner turned on chip yield problems

    IBM has "turned the corner" on yield problems at its new 300-milllimeter chip fabrication facility in New York, and expects to do a better job of meeting customer demand this quarter, executives said Wednesday in a conference call to update reporters on its technology.

  • New MEMs, nanotechnology device provider launches

    A group of industry veterans has launched a new company aimed at helping customers side-step the high cost of design and fabrication of nano-devices for use in markets including medical and biotechnology, radio frequency wireless, defense and aerospace, automotive, and industrial and environmental.

  • Network Appliance buys Spinnaker Networks

    Network Appliance (NetApp) is buying privately-held Spinnaker Networks Inc. for about US$300 million in an all-stock deal aimed at boosting Network Appliance's high-end storage products line and get its "storage grid" architecture to market more quickly, executives from the companies said Tuesday.

  • MCI reclaims tax on false earnings

    MCI has received hundreds of millions of dollars back in taxes paid when it was still called WorldCom and wildly overinflated its earnings, leading to the largest bankruptcy in US history and an ongoing investigation, a company spokeswoman confirmed after a published report appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

  • IDC: IT spending will rebound

    Unless the war in Iraq drags on, global IT spending will rebound this year, growing 2.3 per cent over last year, according to market researcher IDC, in a downward revision of a previous forecast that saw growth of 3.7 per cent.

  • CA forms services group, plans 450 job cuts

    Computer Associates International (CA) kicked off its 2004 fiscal year with word it has formed CA Technology Services, which is meant to help customers more quickly implement the company's software products and receive support.