Stories by Nancy Weil

  • '09 IT predictions -- the economy dominates

    Well, we blew it a year ago on the prediction that last month's US presidential election would lead to historic turnout -- it didn't quite hit that mark -- and unprecedented problems with e-voting systems. The problems, it turns out, were for the most part precedented. On the positive side, we nailed the result, forecasting the election of Barack Obama. Not inclined to rest on that laurel (and a few others we also accurately foretold), we've set forth again to find out what industry analysts are forecasting for 2009, and we've talked to sources as well as to our geekiest friends and colleagues to come up with our own set of predictions for 2009.

  • E-commerce sales show 'relative strength' over holidays had its best holiday sales season ever, providing a scarce optimistic report as online sales from November and December were tallied. U.S. online sales over the holiday period showed "relative strength" but were still down and online shopping in the U.K. was markedly off compared to a year ago, according to final reports of the season.

  • IBM labs promises five innovations

    The ability to "talk" to the Web, information collection and retrieval systems that alleviate forgetfulness, and solar technology built into asphalt, windows and even paint are among the advances IBM sees emerging from its research labs in the next five years.

  • Bill Gates' big mouth

    As Bill prepares to hand over the reins of Microsoft at the end of the month, here are some of his more notable comments, assembled from the Microsoft press site and the IDG News Service which, every day for almost two decades, has covered the man who revolutionised IT.

  • The quotable Bill Gates

    Some of the most oft-repeated comments attributed to Bill Gates through the years were not uttered by Bill Gates. Take for instance "640K ought to be enough for anybody," which he supposedly said in 1981 to note that the 640K bytes of memory in IBM's PC was a significant breakthrough. Or his alleged comment that if General Motors "had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving [US]$25 cars that got 1,000 miles per gallon."

  • 2008 IT forecasts: XP lives and the greening of tech

    The predictable flood of 2008 IT prognostications has rolled in over the past few weeks and we have listened to analysts, vendors, consultants and our geek friends, accepting some forecasts and rejecting others. Turns out we did pretty well culling the wheat from the chaff last year and gazing ahead, though maybe we weren't bold enough in our declarations. So, this year we'll stretch a little and predict:

  • EMC posts record Q1 revenue

    Growth in the Asia-Pacific region and Japan along with demand for VMware virtual infrastructure products and RSA security software pushed EMC first-quarter revenue to a record level and also boosted net income over the same period of last year.

  • SMB - Google rolls out apps-hosting beta version

    Google has launched Google Apps for Your Domain, a suite of hosted collaboration applications for small to medium-size businesses, universities, groups and affinity organizations, with plans to expand to larger companies by year's end.

  • Kumar erased evidence from his hard drive, US says

    The U.S. government will present evidence at the upcoming trial of Sanjay Kumar that the former chief executive officer of CA erased from his laptop computer potential evidence related to the accounting fraud case against him and the company, according to a court document filed earlier this month.

  • HP creates separate handheld division

    HP is creating a separate unit for its handheld business within the company's Personal Systems Group (PSG) so that it can focus more on the converged handheld marke.

  • 2007: IT predictions for the year ahead

    As we gaze toward the vista of 2007, we find our email inbox inundated with IT predictions for the New Year from analysts, vendors and consultants. From those predictions and our own prognostications we present our forecast for the top IT stories in the year ahead: