Stories by Nancy Weil

  • Lucent debuts developer program

    Lucent Technologies this week detailed a program intended to help software and Web developers create network services, including multimedia e-commerce and broadcast-quality video.

  • Red Hat Linux 6.0 prompts announcements

    Red Hat Software announced last week that its Linux 6.0 version is available, prompting related announcements that IBM's speech recognition technology is part of the updated operating system and that Dell will factory-install the OS on some of its servers, workstations and PCs.

  • COMDEX: Corporate wireless market set to explode

    Ongoing standards disputes aside, companies large and small are going to create wireless local area networks (LANs) over the next year or two, pushing that industry segment into high gear, panelists said here this week.

  • Speech technologies come of age

    Mainstream acceptance of speech technologies originally designed for people with special needs will lead to "explosive" growth within the next couple of years, IT executives and vendors repeatedly said here. An array of products that use technologies like natural language understanding, speech recognition and text-to-speech on PCs and for telephony are being demonstrated at the CeBit trade show by a variety of companies.

  • Hummingbird to Acquire PC Docs Group

    Hummingbird Communications is buying PC Docs Group International in a stock deal valued at about $US155 million, Hummingbird officials said at a press conference on Friday.

  • Microsoft Unveils E-Commerce Strategy

    Microsoft unveiled in San Francisco last week its electronic-commerce strategy, including three new products, new services and a bevy of partnerships with existing e-commerce powerhouses. Microsoft's goal -- aside from, obviously, boosting its own bottom line -- is to bring 1 million new businesses into the world of e-commerce within a year.

  • Sun to offer chip cores free

    By the end of the month, Sun Microsystems plans to offer the source files for its picoJava-II microprocessors free on a new World Wide Web site and by the end of the year will provide the so-called "cores" for two other microprocessors as well.

  • Gerstner heralds post-PC, network driven era

    The information technology industry "is in the middle of an historic change" the likes of which occur only every 20 years or so, IBM chief Louis Gerstner said last week, heralding the "post-PC era" as a time of opportunities and challenges. Gerstner, chairman and chief executive officer of IBM, delivered the keynote talk to some 4000 of his company's global business partners - resellers, systems integrators and other channel partners - gathered here for the annual Business Partner Executive Conference (BPEC). He also issued a plea: "Please don't run out here saying, 'Gerstner said the PC is dead'.

  • Yahoo to Buy GeoCities

    Yahoo is buying GeoCities in a US$4.7 billion stock deal expected to be finalized in the second quarter of this year. Yahoo will issue 0.3384 shares of its common stock for each share of GeoCities common stock and all outstanding GeoCities options will be converted into Yahoo options, the companies said.

  • IT undergoing a metamorphosis, Meta says

    Information technology organisations are undergoing a metamorphosis, moving away from traditional IT areas, spending less money and relying more on the Internet, according to the latest update of an annual report from market researcher Meta Group. Global spending on traditional IT areas such as development and maintenance work is down 33 per cent, while outsourcing of development, maintenance, networks, help desks, the data centre and business processes jumped 42 per cent in 1998 compared to the previous year, Meta found.

  • Compaq, IBM, HP, Adaptec join on I/O spec

    Four IT vendors have formed the second group to be announced within a week to work on an I/O (Input/Output) architecture for enterprise servers. Compaq, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Adaptec said that they have created the Future I/O and will announce technical details for their proposed I/O architecture at a forum on February 12 in Monterey, California.

  • Yahoo Aims for Super Portal Status

    Portal leader Yahoo is poised to stay on top, provided that the company continues to improve its search-engine technology, focus on key markets and develop a site that Internet users want to linger at rather than leave, according to analysts.

  • EDS to lead business intelligence team

    Electronic Data Systems (EDS) has agreed to form a partnership with A.T. Kearney and NCR to offer business-intelligence services to corporations, officials from all three companies announced yesterday.

  • IDC: Disk-Storage market at five-year peak

    Disk-storage systems revenue jumped 11.9 per cent globally in 1998 compared to the previous year, reaching a five-year peak, according to a new study by market research firm International Data Corp (IDC).

  • IDC Issues Annual 'Net Predictions

    Global Internet users will soar to 147 million [M] -- more than the population of Japan -- while World Wide Web portal sites follow the consolidation trend, Internet stocks take a "dramatic" correction and PC prices continue to fall, according to 1999 predictions from International Data Corp. (IDC).