Stories by Nancy Weil

  • FTC judge rules Rambus destroyed evidence

    Rambus destroyed material evidence relevant to the government's antitrust case against the company, the chief administrative law judge of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled last week in a court action that has just been made public.

  • WorldCom axes 5,000 jobs amid budget cuts

    WorldCom has slashed 5000 jobs - most of them corporate and administrative positions - and laid out various other measures to cut $US2.5 billion in costs as part of the 100-day plan for emerging from bankruptcy that was announced recently by chairman and chief executive officer, Michael Capellas.

  • Reporter's notebook: Show lacks old razzle-dazzle

    This year's edition of the annual fall Comdex trade show in Las Vegas is devoid of the extravagance of old. Gone is the thumping loud music emitting from various booths. Gone are scantily clad dancing women who had no relation at all to the IT gear being sold (at least none we could ever determine). Gone are the free concerts featuring big-name acts. Gone, alas, are the big parties, though smaller fetes are still happening here and there. Gone, too, is the truly big IT news that drew an international audience keen for a glimpse of the next big thing.

  • Judge accepts most of MS/DOJ settlement

    US District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has approved most of the provisions of a settlement deal between Microsoft and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) and nine states that sued the software maker in a landmark anti-trust lawsuit. In doing so, she brushed aside harsher remedies proposed by nine states that had refused to sign on to the agreement.

  • Former WorldCom executives face criminal charges

    Former WorldCom executives Scott Sullivan and David Myers are "no better than common thieves" and "will meet the judgment they fear and the punishment they deserve", US Attorney General John Ashcroft said at a press conference on Thursday afternoon soon after the two were arraigned in a Manhattan federal court.

  • US ATTACK: NY airports closed again, 10 reported detained

    Ten people were reportedly being detained by US authorities Thursday night after being taken into custody at New York area airports when they were found to be carrying false identification and knives, and at least some of them reportedly were carrying documents indicating they can fly commercial airplanes, according to ABC News.

  • US ATTACK: World reels as terrorist attack unfolds

    An unprecedented and highly orchestrated series of attacks Tuesday turned the twin World Trade Towers in New York into piles of rubble, severely damaged the US Department of Defense's Pentagon building near Washington, D.C., and prompted officials to close all US air traffic for the first time ever. The attacks also shuttered US financial markets, brought major cities in the country to a standstill, snarled telecommunication networks, swamped the Internet and left much of the world reeling in horror, anger, fear and disgust.

  • Lucent shares tumble on report of SEC investigation

    Shares of Lucent Technologies fell steadily Friday morning on the New York Stock Exchange after a report in The Wall Street Journal said that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating the once soaring networking company for possible fraudulent accounting practices.

  • Gates has ‘software-to-software' vision

    The computer industry is heading into an era of "unconstrained innovation" as old models fall away and applications based on Extensible Markup Language (XML) take over, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates said at Comdex last week.

  • Compaq recalls Armada battery packs

    Compaq Computer is recalling some 55,000 battery packs from Armada E500 and V300 notebook computers sold globally because the packs can short circuit and possibly overheat, release smoke and catch on fire.

  • Compaq announces new Net devices

    Compaq has debuted new devices in its iPAQ line, as well as services intended to allow Internet access in any room of the home or at work, because increasingly Net users want ubiquitous connectivity.

  • Compaq reports Q2 profit of $US387M

    Compaq on Tuesday reported second-quarter net income of $US387 million or 22 cents per diluted common share compared to a loss of $184 million a year ago.