Stories by Iain Payten

  • Konica's chip shop

    Konica last week opened a new $1 million Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) design centre, where Australian designed chips will be created and eventually used in Konica's global product line. The facility has been established within Konica's Sydney-based Asia-Pacific regional headquarters as part of the company's agreement with the Australian Government.

  • Lexmark and ITG join forces

    Lexmark, leading supplier of inkjet, laser and dot matrix printers, has appointed Melbourne-based ITG as a national distributor. In an attempt to expand and develop its Australian distribution channel, Lexmark's agreement with ITG will supersede its existing Victoria-only distribution agreement.

  • Australian dollar the key for Visio

    Diagramming and technical drawing software supplier Visio has announced that part of its expansion plans for the Australian market will be the implementation of an entire pricing shift from US to Australian dollars. Hoping that the change from trading in US dollars will help stabilise pricing, Visio envisages distributors, retailers and resellers will be able to plan their businesses with greater consistency.

  • Ricoh eyes Australian offices

    Digital office imaging equipment provider Ricoh has set its sights on dramatically boosting its presence in Australia. Having scaled the heights of the very competitive Japanese market for over 20 years, Ricoh has decided that its marketing within Australian needs to be far more aggressive than it has been. Already one of Australia's leading players in the facsimile and copier market, Ricoh's aim is to substantially increase its market share in the next two years.

  • Additions to HP's Pavilion range

    Hewlett-Packard has released the latest additions to its family of Intel-based Pavilion PCs. The Pavilion 3216 is HP's first sub-$2200 PC, and is equipped with a 200MHz MMX Pentium II processor, 36MB SDRAM memory, a 2.1GB hard drive, multimedia audio-visual capabilities and K56flex data/fax modem.

  • Customer service a winner for 'Baby Bill'

    Any business that tags along on the shirttails of Microsoft is bound to be successful. Referred to as "Baby Bills", organisations such as help desk player Onyx Software are forging ahead in leaps and bounds by creating products that only support Microsoft. Seattle-based Onyx, is chasing clients for its core product Onyx Customer Centre and associated Web Wizards software.

  • Instant invoicing for dummies

    The complex nature of accountancy software probably accounts for the existence of "technophobes" more than most applications. Tradespeople and small business owners have continually found that invoicing and stock control was far easier kept in exercise books and scrap paper, than battling a troublesome and confusing computer. However Queensland-based software publisher and distributor, Manacom has released an invoicing and stock control package, called Instant Invoices to meet this demand.