Stories by Dan Briody

  • Compaq, HP, others team up on Net exchange

    In an unprecedented show of solidarity, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq Computer, Gateway 2000, Advanced Micro Devices, NEC and seven other high-tech powerhouses put their differences aside yesterday to create a new independent company to serve as an Internet exchange.

  • ASPs to compare notes

    Hewlett-Packard got the jump on last week's ASP Summit in California, by announcing a new "e-service" to its portfolio in the form of online billing for ASPs (application service providers).

  • ASPs urged to remember their service roots

    The ASP Summit conference kicked off here last week with visions of a ballooning application service provider (ASP) marketplace and a litany of steps to be taken to facilitate an anticipated shift back toward centralised computing. Trevor Greun-Kennedy, chairman of the ASP Consortium, teed off the two-day conference by imploring ASPs to remember their roots as the market explodes over the next two years.

  • E-commerce sites gear up for Xmas

    IT professionals around the world are hearing the footsteps of the holiday shopping season grow louder with every passing day. And with the volume of online shopping expected to double this year over last, electronic-commerce sites are getting creative in how they serve their customers during the four-month crush that will make or break many retail businesses.

  • iPass does one-click remote access

    Roaming the world and dialling into your company's main servers could become a lot more secure and easy, with the introduction of iPass' iPassConnect 1.0 at the Fall Internet World show in New York.

  • IBM, Dell strengthen ties

    Dell and IBM last week took the next step in the companies' increasingly tight relationship, announcing that IBM would become a provider of services to Dell customers in a deal worth $US6 billion.

  • Amazon: Net's shopping mall? took its latest step in becoming all things to all people buying products on the Web, and just in time for the busiest shopping season of the year.

  • HP, Unisys partner on OEM, services

    After quietly living together for more than a year, Hewlett-Packard and Unisys are making their relationship official, revealing a partnership in which HP provides client hardware in exchange for Unisys services for major accounts.

  • iForum: Thin clients take the spotlight

    "Thin" is most definitely "in" at iForum, Citrix Systems' users' conference, which is taking place here this week: Thin-client vendors lined up in support of server-based computing, and Citrix unveiled a few surprises to delight the faithful.

  • Thin clients pick up momentum

    Much to the chagrin of PC proponents, the thin-client movement appears to be picking up steam, with a rash of recent moves signalling the next step in the evolution of server-centric computing.

  • Dell CEO touts Net as secret to business success

    Dell Computer CEO and chairman Michael Dell addressed the throngs of Dell faithful on Wednesday here at the company's first ever users' conference, dubbed Direct Connect, and warned attendees that the Internet will make or break businesses in the next decade.