Stories by Kathleen Lau

  • A peek at technology, Star Trek style

    In the Star Trek movie, the Romulan enemy Nero produces a mug shot of Spock in the hopes of finding him. But it's not just any mug shot. It's the 3-D floating hologram kind, thrown into the air like a ball before halting in mid-air before its onlookers. Certainly, it can be a little discomfiting to be faced by a floating head, but we don't live in star date 2233.04 where visual displays are so not like we know them today.

  • HP's Green IT Action Plan hits the road

    Measuring the degree to which an organization is green will eventually form part of leadership's dashboard of overall performance metrics for the business, said an expert with Hewlett-Packard Co.

  • Citrix NetScaler Web 2.0 Push cuts datacentre cost

    Santa Clara, Calif.-based Citrix Systems Inc. has added new technology to its NetScaler Web application delivery appliance designed to alleviate Web servers of the burden placed on them by resource-hungry Web 2.0 applications.

  • Who's counting your licenses?

    Daniel Reio remembers the days of the software retail box when buying software meant it came on a CD with a paper manual packaged in a box.

  • Symantec adds intelligent software mgt to Altirs

    Symantec has released version 7.0 of its Altiris client systems and server management suites that, the company's chief operating officer said, in tough economic times will help drive down the cost of IT lifecycle management, and enable customers to better integrate the technology with their existing IT infrastructure, be it from Symantec or those of other vendors.

  • Downadup's calm before the storm

    The Downadup worm may have already created havoc with the estimated nine million PCs it's infected, but one security expert warns the worm is only dormant, perhaps to be unleashed at a later date with an even greater vengeance.

  • What NOT to look out for in 2009

    The smart phone market in 2009 won't be the realm of solely Research in Motion and Apple, as additional handset vendors grab a share with the launch of their own products, according to ABI Research.

  • Meager innovation in storage this year: Sun techie

    The storage industry this year has witnessed meager innovation if you consider the handful of startups that emerged in this space relative to the beginning of the decade, according to Sun Microsystems storage technical director Gary Francis.

  • IBM services to help build competency centers

    As part of its Information on Demand (IOD) strategy launched nearly three years ago, IBM on Monday announced new software and services it said will help businesses better leverage their information, including best practices around building in-house competency centres, to consistently make improved business decisions in real time.

  • Microsoft ships Silverlight 2.0

    Thursday's release of version 2.0 of Silverlight, a cross-browser runtime for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), from Microsoft has new features designed to enhance usability for the developer and designer, which will ultimately lead to a better end user experience, a company executive said.