Stories by Barb Gomolski

  • E-BUSINESS PULSE: Got your crystal ball?

    As the world, the nation, and business enterprises face some pretty big issues following September 11, wirelessly enabling your mobile sales or field force may seem like small potatoes in comparison. You might want to do it, but you don't want the process to create additional problems.

  • E-BUSINESS CLINIC: The market is changing

    Don't write off e-marketplaces just yet, even though their original business model has proven to be shaky, at best. As the hype subsides, e-marketplaces will have an important role to play in e-business -- it just won't be the role they started out to fulfill.

  • E-BUSINESS CLINIC: The forgotten component

    In relation to e-business, there's one component not often touched upon: public relations. Some would argue that PR is not a strategic decision and therefore doesn't deserve to occupy much of our precious brain resources if we are trying to launch an e-business.

  • E-BUSINESS: Categorising your CIO

    There is no longer a one-size-fits-all job description for CIOs, and individuals can flounder in the role unless they understand this. Many organisations have acknowledged this trend. Just look at the proliferation of titles such as CTO, E-Business Architect, and Chief Knowledge Officer - they are clear evidence that the responsibilities of top IT executives don't always fit neatly in a single package. Still, many CIOs suffer from an acute identity crisis, and turnover among individuals in this top slot continues to be high.

  • E-BUSINESS: Surviving the carnage

    The latest victims of the dot-com carnage are and, both of which recently announced plans to lay off workers. Add these to the growing list of e-business upstarts - including,, and - that have also been recent victims of the downturn.