Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

  • MBO within reach: Alstom

    The management of distributor, Alstom Information Technology, is putting the finishing touches on a buyout bid that will see local management take over the company from its French energy and transport parent company on February 27.

  • IDC: PC sales mushroom

    The Australian PC market had a stellar year as the desktop and notebook space grew by 18 per cent annually, according to the latest IDC findings.

  • Acer revs up the notebook market

    In a room filled with $600,000 shiny Ferraris, men pumped up on car racing adrenalin, and lemon ball martini mixes aflowing, Acer rolled out its sporty, red Ferrari notebook

  • MFD market matures

    Things have come a long way since Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press with replaceable wooden or metal letters in 1436. Indeed, the history of printing has taken many forms.

  • Adobe: New kid on the server block

    Roughly six months after jumping into the enterprise market, Adobe claims it’s on track to entice more high-end resellers in its strategic push to wedge PDF technology into the server world.

  • MCR scoops RSA gear

    Homegrown IT services provider, MCR, has inked a deal with RSA Security in a bid to expand its security practice and offer customers a gaggle of new offerings.

  • Aussies look to Canucks for broadband pointers

    Australia lags behind Canada in terms of broadband adoption and won’t catch up in the immediate future, according to a benchmark study. Because the two countries shared similar geographies and telco environments, IDC undertook the study to find the key factors contributing to Australia’s lethargic atmosphere, IDC market analyst, Adrian Cotiga, said.

  • Notebook world all set to get whiter

    With the Australian whitebook market set to surge, a Brisbane-based reseller is pitching its own line of branded notebooks that the company said would target the growing SME/professional arena.