Stories by Peter Judge

  • Cheaper femtocells are on the way

    3G femtocells, which promise to deliver indoor coverage and cheap service for 3G networks, are a step closer, thanks to a base station built using chips designed for mass-market handsets.

  • Ruckus promises easy WLANs for SMBs

    Ruckus Wireless, a developer of fast home Wi-Fi access points for telcos, has shifted its attention to small businesses and launched a cheap, simple-to-use wireless LAN that aims to undercut the likes of Trapeze and Aruba.

  • Wi-Fi Alliance reveals new brand

    The Wi-Fi Alliance has launched its brand for fast Draft N Wi-Fi products, in advance of the final IEEE 802.11n standard, with the first products including an access point from Cisco that hasn't yet been formally announced.

  • Quantum computer to debut next week

    Twenty years before most scientists expected it, a commercial company has announced a quantum computer that promises to massively speed up searches and optimization calculations.

  • CES - Netgear's NAS box rides again

    Netgear has boosted its low-end Storage Central two-bay drive enclosure to Gigabit speed and added other features, but the product will face stiffer competition this year from other network storage products.

  • Atheros preps Gigabit wireless

    Silicon maker Atheros will put Gigabit Ethernet in all its Wi-Fi access points, to cope with the 200+ Mbit/s speed of the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard.

  • Trapeze makes its WLAN APs fatter

    Faster WiFi equipment arriving next year, under the 802.11n standard, could be too much for office WLANs to handle, warns Trapeze, at the launch of a new version of its own system.