Stories by Luisa Bustos

  • Warning: Attack of the killer viruses

    With computer virus attacks estimated to have risen by between 50 and 100 per cent last year and continued growth expected, virus security is becoming a major component of any enterprise's security policy.

  • REPORT CARD: Henry Management's iron-clad integration

    Steel provider Steelmark is implementing IT solutions to improve its customer relations and internal processes. In fact, according to network support officer, Jason Bruce, the last two years have seen a marked change in the organisation with a new emphasis on improving productivity and workflow through the use of IT.

  • Preparing for the e-world

    Companies are slowly realising that using the Internet is much more than just building a Web site. In order to touch customers effectively in the electronic world, the Internet must touch every application in a business, from the customer facing applications or accounting systems right down to the crucial underlining infrastructure.

  • Coping with disaster

    What did Sydney's April 1999 hailstorm, Auckland's power outage, Victoria's gas problem, Y2K and the bombing of the World Trade Centre have in common? From the IT perspective each event had the potential to do serious damage to business technology systems, even possibly shutting them down. With today's reliance on technology and IT systems, the inability to recover mission-critical data can wipe out businesses.

  • Zivo exodus failed to fire?

    LibertyOne-owned web integration company Zivo is facing an uncertain future following the resignation last week of five key directors from the organisation's headquarters in Sydney.

  • CBA shuns local telcos

    The Commonwealth Bank has selected a Telecom New Zealand-led consortium for its long-awaited telecommunications outsourcing contract.

  • HandiPOS attracts more than just bouquets

    A handheld point-of-sale system developed specifically for the Sydney Flower Markets has attracted interest from the construction and medical industries following yesterday's Software Showcase in Sydney.

  • Mallesons chooses wireless way

    Law firm Mallesons Stephen Jaques has selected Enterasys and reseller Logical Asia Pacific for a $5 million networking deal, incorporating wireless and LAN technology.

  • Online voting lands in Australia

    Online voting company,, has landed in Australia and is already believed to be in discussions with the Australian Electoral Commission.