Stories by Dan Neel

  • Intel, OEMs ready SpeedStep

    Intel next week will introduce two new Pentium III processors which sources close to the chip maker have confirmed will utilize the new SpeedStep technology, formally code-named Geyserville. Designed specifically for mobile computing and under development for the last two years, the Intel SpeedStep technology allows the new Pentium III processors to switch between two different operating speeds depending on whether the system is plugged in or using a battery, sources said.

  • Intel admits boot problems with Pentium IIIs

    With the launch of the 750MHz AMD Athlon processor still fresh in consumers' minds, chip maker Intel has confirmed that a glitch in its Pentium III Coppermine processors has caused computers powered by the faulty Pentium IIIs not to boot up on first attempt.

  • Dell and Compaq fight to win online sales war

    As third-generation electronic-business models driven by Extensible Markup Language (XML) begin to emerge on the Web, Dell last week relaunched its Web site as part of a concerted effort to stay on the cutting edge of Web technologies. At the same time, however, archrival Compaq is not sitting idle. In January, Compaq will unveil a mega-portal offering a vast range of product solutions and services, including those of competing vendors, on a still-unnamed Web site. Dell and Compaq are both seeking to better serve their customers' solution and support needs but are taking radically different paths to reach that destination.