Stories by Dan Neel

  • Intel licenses telephony technology

    In one of the first moves of its so-called Internet Building Block Initiative, Intel has licensed patented telephony software to Internet telephony exchange carrier ITXC, which will integrate the technology into its global services.

  • IBM to deploy Processor Insulation technology

    IBM on Monday will unveil the first processors designed to its SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) technology. Announced in late 1998, SOI is a technique that insulates the wiring of IBM's copper processors.

  • Chipmakers agree: Flash-memory shortage has begun

    Amid an industry-wide shortage of flash memory chips, Intel Monday will announce the sale of its one-billionth flash memory chip and present a "state of flash memory address", according to company representative David Dickstein of the Intel Graphics and Flash division.

  • Microsoft shows appliance-ready Whistler OS

    Microsoft outlined a roadmap on Tuesday for its next generation of operating systems. Code-named Whistler, the code base will allow computer makers and system integrators to easily strip away all but the necessary operating instructions for controlling task-specific appliances or handheld devices, according to Carl Stork, general manager of the company's Windows operating system division.

  • HP plans portal for soup-to-nuts offerings

    Hewlett-Packard next week plans to unveil a mammoth cross-country web portal and hosting strategy that the company hopes will drive the creation of a $US100 billion services market that HP has set its sights on dominating, according to sources close to the company.

  • Falling margins bite into US white-box sales

    Falling hardware margins have become the main nemesis for builders of affordable, non-branded computing systems known as white boxes, according to industry conclusions released at the recent System Builders Summit, a white-box manufacturer trade show.

  • HP extends e-services into web hosting

    Expanding its current E-Services-On-Tap initiative, Hewlett-Packard has begun offering web-hosting services to businesses that desire a strong business-to-business hub without the cost of deployment, an HP representative confirmed on Friday.

  • AMD answers Intel's SpeedStep with PowerNow

    Advanced Micro Devices unveiled its answer to Intel SpeedStep technology here yesterday at the Mobile Insights Conference. Still in development, the AMD process known as PowerNow matches CPU performance to the actual demands of the system.

  • Toshiba breaks in Equium PC line

    Toshiba last week became the latest vendor aiming to provide corporate environments with smaller, user-serviceable PCs that share interchangeable parts and that break away from the traditional beige chassis design.

  • Intel dishes the details on Willamette

    Promising the biggest year ever for Intel processors, Intel officials on Tuesday outlined a brief roadmap of the future of their chips and gave a glimpse inside the company's newest processor, code-named Willamette.

  • Intel previews Itanium, IA-64

    Intel has previewed its Itanium processor and IA-64 architecture at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) in San Francisco last week.

  • Dell opens Internet Partner Division

    Dell on Tuesday unveiled its Internet Partner Division, which is intended to increase sales of Dell PowerEdge servers and PowerVault storage systems to ISPs and ASPs (application service providers).

  • Intel reveals partners

    Intel recently announced that it has joined forces with five memory chip makers - which between them account for more than 80 per cent of the global dynamic memory market - to cooperatively develop the next generation of Advanced DRAM Technology (ADT).